Monday, April 21, 2014

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!

One of my absolute favorite holidays! I have such amazing memories of my Great Uncle Maurie leading the seder…everyone else rushing through each song like a race and he, making sure we read every single hebrew word. I have memories from Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Harolds star gazing out their giant windows overlooking the bay and Coit tower, finding the afikomen in their giant bookshelf. Every year I looked forward to singing Dayenu so that we could call our cousin Diane in far away Portland. Now that we live in far away Seattle, it is so nice to be able to maintain some of the Strauss/Lewin/Groner family traditions and I am thrilled to see what memories Micah will have someday. We feel so blessed to have my cousins Mark, Johanne, and Julien here as well as my best friend Anna and her hubby Ryan. After another amazingly gorgeous sunny day, we hosted the family for our own mini seder. Phil and Susan helped tremendously with baking our first brisket (and when I say helped, I mean they did all the work. I just picked the recipe!). I made the charoset, boiled the eggs, set up the seder plate, and readied the bitter herbs. While I pretty much love a lot about this year, it still brings great joy to shout, "Next Year in Jerusalem"! 

Our beautiful seder plate, the special prayer book, and the matzah. 

Mark and Micah in some serious conversation.

Johanne and Susan

Can't wait to meet Anna's twin boys soon!

Ryan and Phil enjoying the deck. You'll have to ignore their Passover beers…they married into the religion after all!

Happy friends

Surprise! Micah found the Afikomen! ;-)

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