Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunnies and Chicks

I'll be the first to admit that my child does not understand the true meaning of Easter. As interfaith children, celebrating this holiday is more of a celebration of family and traditions than it is of true religious reasons. Personally, I look at it as another opportunity to celebrate spring time. Micah is very keen on bunnies and chicks and eggs anyway, so we've had a good time with all of the Easter festivities already this year.

Last week Micah and I stumbled upon the Easter Bunny himself at PCC (our local co-op grocery store) and shared some snacks and crafting with him. Then yesterday, we enjoyed our first egg hunt ever at the Woodland Park Zoo with a bazillion other kids. Luckily they have a special area just for toddlers, which is awesome since they just keep throwing plastic eggs out in plain sight all over and the kids were not getting trampled on by the older ones who actually get that there should be something inside the eggs.

Today, Easter Sunday, ended up being the best day. The weather was perfectly sunny and warm. Micah woke up to decorations and Easter baskets (yes, baskets…this kid is definitely spoiled!) and then went on a solo egg hunt in the front yard (he totally impressed us when at one point he pointed to a blue egg and instead of ooohhhing, he said "blue!"). We went for a family walk with Charlie, Mommy, Daddy, and Gramma Susan to take in all the smells of the blooming trees, tulips, and daffodils and we also took in the beautiful views of the Puget Sound and surrounding mountains from our neighborhood. When we got home, Gramma Susan got all the egg dying supplies ready and Micah loved his first colored hard boiled egg experience. After nap time and grocery shopping it was more relaxing in the backyard and digging and playing before Gramma Susan's amazingly yummy rosemary lamb dinner.
Hope that you all are enjoying the spring time and holidays as much as we are!

PCC Bunny…Micah wasn't too sure about him, but he managed to give him a high five anyway

Dad and Micah just starting to understand what to do at the egg hunt at the Zoo

toddler zone

Look Mom! I found an egg!

view of the older kids egg hunts

what? You've never heard of the Easter Leopard? It's totally a thing!

We also celebrate Easter with African drumming

All the loot the Easter Bunny (and his helpers) left for Micah!

Just woke up and is looking for what did the Easter Bunny bring?

Oooo! There are new things up there!

Very excited Monkey this morning!

Checking it all out

Taking his time appreciating every little thing

Gramma and Daddy relaxing and enjoying the show

The egg hunt begins!

Are there any in the rosemary bush? Not over there….

"More! More! More! Go! Go! Go!"

Ooo! Somebody acquired a great egg spotting eye!

A fun neighborhood family walk

So thankful the sun came out!

finding some new friends along the way

Somebody was being awfully silly today!

Micah's first egg dying experience

Love this kiddo sooo much!

Fun with colors

Lookin good Easter! Lookin good!

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