Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Ever Evolving Organized Nursery

Micah's nursery is ever evolving. It keeps changing as he does. It also is missing major window treatments, more artwork, and his crib (in these photos…it is currently in there as a toddler bed so once again, I slacked on updating you and now need to completely update you again!). We've donated the changing table (it wasn't anything special and was a garage sale item in the first place, so when next baby comes someday, we will just go to another garage sale or craigslist to find a new one). I love how Micah's clothing, toy, and book storage is working for us. I do eventually want to get a dresser for him when his clothes become a bit bulkier, but for now the little cloth storage bins work just fine. We mostly treat his room as a playroom since he just naps in here and starts each night sleeping in here for at least a few hours. The rocking chair is still so comfy and provides the perfect place for reading stories and snuggling with a bedtime bottle. 
love the Ikea cubbies for clothing, toy, and book storage

matching reading chairs

Love having a good rotation of bedtime stories!

Need to get some cute art for this wall without overwhelming it. I may end up doing large book storage here…

I'm not very crafty, but when I saw this shadow box idea on Pinterest, I had to copy it. Phil was the one that wanted to save Micah's first bandaid! The maternity photo was a free little photo session we had with the wonderful Kerry B Photography. 

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  1. There is one item missing from the room in these photos. Yes, MICAH...........


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