Monday, March 24, 2014

Eighteen Months: Closer to Two Years Than One!

I'm totally sobbing while typing my usual phrase, "I can't believe how time flies!" How are we already at a year and a half!? I'm actually not sobbing since I love love love this age! Micah is so much fun and interactive and even when he's being a little stinker, I can't help but laugh. Yes, this is because I am not home all day with him and I miss him like crazy. He is still such a great kid. He is loving and inquisitive, funny and cautious. He loves the outdoors and watching Daddy build the deck. He teases "Arlie" (Charlie our dog) and gives so many wonderful kisses.

Helping sweep up at Nana and Papa's

This month Micah:

  • loved talking on the phone (holding mom and dad's iPhones and anything that fits in his hand and he can use to pretend to talk on the phone). He says "Hi!" and smiles and when you ask who he is talking to he either replies "Papa" or "Dadda". 
  • repeated almost everything we said. He says hi and bye bye. He knows lots of animal names, although he calls chickens bok bok's. He says mama and dada and daddy and papa and sort of manages gramma, but not quite. He says baby and Nee Nee (for Nemo, his stuffed fish), Eek for his Pete the Cat stuffed animal and eesh for cheese. He probably says two to five new words per day now. It's so much fun!
  • had so much fun watching his Daddy build a deck in the backyard.
  • played with the rocks in our front yard a lot while Gramma watched him. He also grows so attached to holding one or two rocks that we are constantly finding them in the house and in the car or left over in the stroller. 
  • walked half of our nightly walk and then is forced to get in the stroller in order to give Charlie a bit more excursive and Micah does not really like it.
  • had fun with cars and ramps, climbing, painting, playing with toys in the sensory bin and many more fun things at preschool.
  • moved to a later bedtime thanks to daylight savings, which actually is nicer for mommy since she gets home so late from work anyways.
  • traveled on planes again to get to Nana and Papa's house with Mommy. He got to help sweep up their front yard and had a lot of alone time with Papa. He played with new toys and went to Burton Park a lot. He did not nap well, was teething, and even though he had lots of fun with Papa, he was happy to see Mommy once she was done with all of Auntie Jen's baby shower stuff. I even got him back in the Ergo here and there this month!
  • Had a fun weekend with just Daddy and Gramma while Mommy went on a girls trip to Bellingham.
  • stopped eating so much smoothies and has been eating a lot of different foods since Daddy and Gramma are cooking and baking gourmet meals almost every night! 
  • still wore mostly disposable diapers. Ooops. DUDE!!! Get on that, right?!
  • been a trooper as Mommy and Daddy focused on themselves a bit more than ever before in his lifetime!
Playing at Seatac airport

Fun at Nana and Papas house

Loving blueberries and quiche at Aunt Jen's baby shower with Papa

Celebrating Baby Seif with family and friends and the Seifs of course!

And then there were moments like this too

Can't wait to meet Micah's first cousin!!!

We tried to take him sledding, but he was so not into it!

Bad timing on our first snow shoeing/sledding adventure day

This family walks everywhere!

Micah even enjoyed the Purim service at PTBE

Got to visit his Aunt and Uncle too!

Seasoned Traveler dreaming of Disneyland (even though he hasn't been yet!)

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  1. I am so ready for you and the family to return to San Carlos in May. Yes, that Micah is sort of fun to be with, just like our enjoyable times with his mother and father. (well, in a special and different way......) Love, Dad aka Papa


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