Monday, March 3, 2014

A totally Pacific Northwest day

Last weekend while Phil did a huge study sesh, Micah and I got to keep ourselves occupied all day long. We started with a little hike in our nearby city park, Schmitz Preserve. We hiked from city graffiti to lush green mountain hideaway in no time. Micah touched the moss and lichen, climbed across fallen trees, threw sticks in the stream, kicked up some dirt, and smelled the fresh air.

We then ventured to the local elementary school's playground to have a picnic lunch and play time. The sky was grey, but our fun was colorful. ;-)

And of course since this is the Pacific Northwest, there is never a beach too far away, so we walked only a couple blocks to get to the Puget Sound. On Alki beach, we made new friends and "people watched" before feeling some major rain drops vs. our typical constant drizzle and thus packing it up and heading home.

After all that fun out and about, nothing was more sweet than to see this sleeping beauty napping with his daddy. We play hard to sleep hard here. ;-)
After their afternoon nap, we headed to the public library to spend time looking at board books and playing with a few cool puzzles and games. Did you know that the Seattle Public Libraries let you borrow board books on the honor system!? Yes, you get to borrow them for as long as you want! So totally awesome! After spending a fun hour or so at the library we were about to head home, yet the rain became quite fascinating and being as we had no where else to be and nothing else to do   I am such a cool mom, we stuck around to play in the puddles in front of the library and then again when we got home. 

No story about a typical Northwest day is complete without a stop at a brewery. We met up with "Uncle" Mikey at the Ram in U Village. Micah had fun playing on the booth and on Mike and cried when we had to take him back. That was a first! Uncle Mikey can come take him any time he wants.
After happy hour we were invited to another wonderful meal with my cousins and their friends. They know the most interesting people! Micah had fun entertaining the big kids and was up way past his bedtime.

To sum up why this was a typical northwest day, we:
1) got outside in nature
2) had a picnic in some drizzle
3) took in the beauty of the Puget Sound and some of the Olympic Mountains peeking through the clouds
4) spent time in a library reading
5) played in the rain
6) consumed beer
7) met up with friends and family
8) were full of love and laughter

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