Monday, February 24, 2014

Seventeen…Don't it Just Fly By Wild and Free?

This month Micah has:

  • Been saying new words like bubble and bath time and hi and hot, "Ock" for rock and walk, ball, dindin for dinner, dino mumble mumble for dinosaur. His most used word is either more or dada.
  • Been tugging on you or grabbing your hand or arm to lead you where he wants you to go
  • Been pretend talking on anything that looks somewhat like a phone
  • Ran... Mostly around the kitchen island. He loves it when you chase him with the popper toy or with his car
  • Loved more FaceTime with nana and papa and blows them kisses
  • Played at the park a lot. He is mostly enjoying all the little cars and big plastic toys, with some time on the swing and in the sandbox with trucks.
  • Played in the snow, gone on hikes, watched the Broncos and Seahawks in the SuperBowl, played at the library, went on lots of neighborhood walks, and more.
  • Started sleeping in his "big boy bed" (crib without one side) during naps and at night until Mommy and Daddy go to sleep.
  • Raised his hands in the air like a touchdown when anyone said football or 49ers or Broncos (or whenever he saw anything associated with sports like basketball on tv too!)
  • Had lots more fun at the coop preschool. He likes to climb on the climber, play with the trains, play at the sensory table, play with cars, and snack and music times.
  • Had his first dentist appointment and he did really well. Daddy got to take him and Dr. Kae said everything looks great.
  • Started cutting his canines, which are the worst! I always heard that molars were the worst, but these are way harder! I cannot believe the amount of drool and snot (I think it's related) that Micah's had going on the last week or two! And the tooth is just barely cutting through.
  • Had his second hair cut...his first at home buzz cut!
  • Eaten a lot of hummus, cheese, bananas, chicken, cheerios, yogurt, smoothies, pita, bread, rice cakes, peanut butter, raw broccoli, raw carrots, etc.
  • Practiced using his own utensils.
  • Had a couple of diaper rashes (possibly due to berries in his smoothies and/or a different laundry detergent on his diapers).
  • Worn mostly disposables this month since things were not going so well with cloth. Need to get on that! I don't want to give up on cloth!
  • Been seeming so grown up already! I definitely am already missing things about his baby stage and while we can't wait for him to learn another new word, I already have insight into the "this kid never stops talking" phase! ;-) 
  • Liked throwing balls and rocks.
  • Liked looking at animals and saying their noises.
  • Can hear a word in one book and go find the same word in another book without prompting.
So thoughtful at lunch time

Smoothie and cartoon time

At the park

Big enough to go on the merry go round!

Nothing like good ol fashion cardboard box fun

smelling the herb plants

Runny Nose and drooling thanks to getting his canine teeth!

Teething…hence sucking on an ice cube!

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