Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sweet Sixteen (or not depending on the day)

This month Micah has:

  • started climbing. His favorites are the couch and the nook bench seat in the kitchen.
  • continued to build vocabulary. At the beginning of the month he practiced saying apple over and over again. Ap-ple. Ap-ple. Ap-ple. He says done, mama, dada, more, dog, truck, book, and din din. He snorts like a pig, quacks like a duck, and meows like a cat.
  • done so many different sleeping patterns. He was off the first week due to the long road trip to California. Then he slept awesome the second week of vacation. Now he has a cold and is off again, waking up every hour until we get in bed with him. 
  • Cut all four molars at the beginning of the month!
  • celebrated his second Christmas (first in California). The big hits were more books, a baby doll, Disney stuffed animals, another truck, lots of wooden toys, and a Broncos sweatshirt!
  • continued to love reading and sitting on everyone's laps while listening to the stories and pointing to pictures (especially animals) and responding to questions about the pictures
  • understood so much of what we say. He will follow directions often. He will point out so many things in a book. 
  • wanted to walk everywhere for blocks and blocks at a time. The days of stroller rides are numbered for sure!
  • gone through many phases with food. For a while he was eating whatever we ate especially apples. Then he only wanted peanut butter on bread. 
  • had lots of babysitters! Micah got to spend a full day with our cousins Barb, Mike, Emily, and Sydney! They took turns and Micah had the best time and felt so comfortable with them even though he had never spent much time with them before. Micah also was taken care of by his Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew and by Aunt Jen and Uncle Alan. Each time he did really well and had more fun with them then he probably would have with us. It's definitely getting to that age where he wants a break from us almost as we sometimes want a break from him. ;-)
  • survived a long car ride to the bay area thanks to puzzles, dolls, puppets, books, sleep, and even a short Ipad movie or two.
  • Traveled on another plane and did pretty well.
  • done lots of FaceTime with family
  • experienced snow! Right before our trip to California, Mommy had a snow day from work. The snow melted by the afternoon but Micah and Mommy were all bundled up and outside by 6am! He loved it.
  • Went to a Candy Cane Lane, the Hiller Aviation Museum (and had fun pushing all the buttons in a decommisioned plane), Burton Park in San Carlos, and more. 
  • loved brushing his teeth and then hated brushing his teeth
  • had phases where his diapers were fine and then his diapers were wetting out overnight like crazy!
Enjoing his first train set!

Still exploring different ways to eat

Some of the sweetest moments...

Christmas and Niners red!

There were some moments like these too :-(

Our little explorer

Very observant of other kids, even big 2 year old kids like his friend Kaiden!

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