Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Best (Very Random) Gift Guide (For Everyone)!

This year I'd like to share a complete hodge podge of gift ideas for a wide variety of people. These are all totally my own opinion. No one is paying me or giving me gifts or freebies to promote them. I haven't even told any of these companies that I am writing about them. Hope something here helps you finish all your holiday shopping! I also want to apologize to my Hanukkah celebrating friends since I did not get my act together in time for Thanksgivikah this year. Hopefully you still have some left over gifts to give or upcoming birthdays that this can help with.

Abielle Photography
  • Along the same lines, take the gift of photography one step further with a photo book or calendar or even a photo magnet or mug from Shutterfly. If you don't have the time or effort, you can always gift your favorite crafter/photo bug a gift card!

  • Many of my friends and family are BIG on wine. So, I choose my favorite wineries, La Crema for the best oaky buttery Chardonnays and Williamson for the best hearty Cabs.

  • I know a lot of pretty anal organized people. For them I'm seriously considering a gift from Thirty One. I've also got my eye on the clutch wallet for myself. 

  • I'm still a huge fan of Anemone Handmade Paper Flowers. They are usually my default gift for hostess' or for those hard to shop for/they already have everything friends and family.

  • If I lived closer to the Bay Area, I'd be asking for the gift of continuing education through the San Jose Learning Center. Language classes, exercise classes, photography classes, and more! 

  • I have so many friends and family that are expecting a baby this holiday season. What is cuter than a little hand knit outfit or beanie for the little one? Moreen at License to Craft has such cute items. I especially like the little football and turtle outfits.

  • For the travel bug, I'm thinking send them on a trip to Penticton, Canada. I've heard the wineries are amazing, the lake is beautiful, and my friend Amanda just opened a mouth watering world class bakery, The White Apron Pastry Co.

  • Need something for your white collar working man or the blue collared hipster in your life? Look at these amazing backpacks handmade from my old high school friend Ethan and his company Ethanmade & Co

  • I always love the idea of donating to a charity in someone's name for their gift. It is so much more meaningful and cuts down on our consumerism. It's so the altruistic gift. That being said, receiving a donation in your name is not as fun to open and the holidays are supposed to be fun. That's why I love the company that Phil's cousin, Andrew, started. It's called Pacha Soap and for every bar of soap you purchase, they donate one to someone in need. They also responsibly source ingredients, globally educate proper hand washing techniques, and employ locals in developing nations in their sustainable soap factories. Um...Awesome!

  • And one of the best things to do for someone for the holidays. DIY something off of their Pinterest board for them! 

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