Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sleeping Star, First Hair Cut, and More (Fourteen Months Old!)

Playing in his tent

This month Micah has:

  • continues to walk everywhere. Crawling is so a thing of the past.
  • says up and down and practices doing the motion. Still refers to mom, water, and milk as Mooooommmmm momm...mmmmm
  • sleeps 10-12 hour nights with almost no wake ups (except recently he has been on and off cutting his first molar!). We maintain the family bed and he doesn't mind being in their on his own before we go to bed. He has figured out how to put himself back to sleep for most night time wake ups.
  • enjoyed more time with his Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew as they came to visit for a long weekend
  • loved another trip to the zoo. He spots even the smallest birds and had more fun playing in the middle kids play zone at Zoomazium than the baby play area
  • enjoyed playing with trains, crawling under big foam blocks, finding dinosaurs and plastic animals in the sensory tub of leaves, and playing with trucks and cars at his pre-school co-op
  • continued to love reading and sitting on everyone's laps while listening to the stories and pointing to pictures (especially animals) and responding to questions about the pictures
  • shown a huge receptive vocabulary! He can find his feet, nose, teeth and point to them. He can go get his blocks, car, and trucks. He can find Charlie or point to where he went. He can find different animals in pictures. He knows Mickey Mouse. He knows all of his family (Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, Nana, Papa, Aunts and Uncles, and of course Charlie). He knows some foods and especially knows his sippy cup and water and milk. 
  • entertained tormented Charlie
  • continues to eat with us at meal time and eat a lot! He especially seems to love Chipotle! 
  • had a few bumps and bruises from little spills.
  • gone to a couple Temple Kiddush club activities
  • given waves hello and goodbye, high fives, and even hugs.
  • got his first haircut!
Micah finds the funniest things to do

Pre Haircut

Still loves bath time 

Our friend Jody cut Micah's hair for the first time. He did so good!

Post Haircut. Looks like such a little boy and not a baby now!

Such a good dinner date! I think he knows he's cute.

Visiting toy stores is the best free fun

So much fun at the zoo with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew

Uncle Andrew takes such good care of Micah

Explorer mode

He drums on the floor and table all the time, so why not on a real drum?

First time sliding by himself down a big slide!

I know this is a terrible photo, but I love it anyways

It's the little things in life

Loving books...and his dad

My loves
* My apologies for so many terrible IPhone photos. I will do better this holiday season and break out the DSLR more. Promise!

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