Wednesday, October 23, 2013

13 months

This month Micah has:

  • really learned to walk! He now slowly walks across an entire room
  • said words like all done, dog, mmmmm (for milk or water), mom, dad, up
  • sleeps pretty much through the night (except for when he was teething and starting to walk)
  • cut his 7th tooth!
  • been super focused on anything to do with dogs and points to them (in person and in books) and smiles and gets excited
  • has a sense of humor and often tries to joke and laugh right at bedtime (oh man...I thought this wasn't going to start for a while!)
  • misses his family and now gets a bit sad when he sees his Nana and Papa and aunts and uncles on FaceTime instead of in real life
  • done an amazing job traveling yet again on our quick weekend trip to the bay area for a visit with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Cassie. both flights were at bedtime and he did great!
  • started his co-op preschool with Gramma Susan
  • loved playing with all of his birthday gifts
  • gotten way more excited about playing at the park
  • entertained Charlie and vice versa
  • fed Charlie lots of food scraps
  • eaten a lot more solid food
  • started drinking lots of water with meals
  • weaned from mommy milk
I was hoping to snap some 13 month photos, but Micah's cold has got him sleeping 12 hours a night, which means no Micah and Mommy play time when I get home from work. Instead, here are a few photos from the last few days that show him at this age.

Practicing walking

First night of really walking

sweet 13 month old boy

At the pumpkin patch

fun with Daddy

curious and inquisitive already

hanging with his buddy Isaac

no I'm not pooping here...I promise!

Now that I walk, I think I can do everything!

third annual photo at a pumpkin patch with Krista and Isaac

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  1. On FaceTime tonight he was literally running around the kitchen, so fun to watch Micah change each week. Big hug.....Love, Papa


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