Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Whole Year Old!

I cannot even begin to express how crazy it is that my baby is already a toddler and a whole year old!
This month Micah has:

  • practiced walking (by holding our hands or one of our hands) a lot. He even began taking two or three steps by himself on his actual birthday!
  • continued to be very loud and verbal. He definitely says Mum and Dada and All done. We are pretty sure he tries to say Bath Time and dog (for Charlie). 
  • points and waves at everything and everyone and says "ooo ooo ooo" a lot too
  • eaten pretty much most solid foods we gave him (new this month were slices of apple and of course birthday cake on his birthday!)
  • went back to mostly formula since Mommy was back at work
  • went from sleeping horribly to sleeping pretty well (which involved one and a half nights of crying while we held him during the night in our bed with love of course the first days that mom was back to work!)
  • finished cutting his sixth tooth
  • loved listening to stories and would go pick out new ones and bring them to people to read to him
  • still had so much fun during bathtime
  • still loved climbing up and down his chair in his bedroom (playing with toys, looking at birds in the tree outside the window)
  • spent more time with his Nana and Papa as they came to take care of him while mommy and daddy worked and Gramma Susan went to be with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew for a few days. He also got two full days with his Daddy for the same reason!
  • fought a few less diaper changes
  • started his Pre-School Coop Toddler Group! He is the second youngest, so almost all the other kids are walking! He gets to sing and play and explore and have snack time once a week now.
  • went with Mommy to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur children's services and really enjoyed them.
  • Went to a fun indoor play space for a Kiddush Club event
  • went to his friend Cora's first birthday party
  • celebrated his first birthday with lots of family and some friends at Lincoln Park on what was a gorgeous fall Seattle day (instead of the rainy day it was supposed to be!)
  • had his 12 month check up at the doctor's. He is in the 90% for length (grew 2 and a half inches since last appointment) & 75% for weight. He weighs 22 pounds! Gramma and Daddy got to take him to his appointment and he had to have three shots and a finger prick for blood. :-( As always, he was a trooper!

We had some photo assistants this month. Aunt Beth and Uncle Ben livened things up for this photo shoot!

Micah and Mickey hanging out
The little stinker does this move now. We like to call it the limp biscuit. You have to be careful since he catches you off gaurd!


  1. great photos with world class action figures.................


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