Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eleven Months Old!

I can not believe that in exactly one month Micah will be an entire year old! Holy cow!

This month Micah has:

  • continued to become steadier on his feet. He walks nicely when holding hands with us and even can walk with just one hand held. He also cruises around furniture very quickly!
  • continued to be very loud and verbal. We think he says mama (only when he is sad and needs comfort), dada (a lot...especially when he is laughing and joking around), dog (at least we think that's it...sometimes it sounds like dog and sometimes more like dada), all done (which is what we say and sign after he is done eating), and hilariously he also says dude (which of course is not because he means it, but we get quite a kick out of hearing it).
  • began making the sign for milk when he wants it! 
  • points with his index finger at things that he sees and is interested in
  • just started waving to people
  • jumps and bounces when excited (or does little frog legs if you're holding him)
  • eaten pretty much most solid foods we gave him (lots more sausage, hamburger, quinoa, bits of bread, fish, eggs, beans, corn puree, potatoes, and more...including avocado finally!)
  • continued to be primarily breastfed (aside from one to two bottles) since I was on summer break from work
  • loved listening to stories and looking at the pictures
  • played with opening and closing our kitchen cabinets (he is allowed to play in "his" cabinet of plastic food related items and so far is allowed to play with our cookbook cabinet).
  • still had so much fun during bathtime
  • still loved climbing up and down his chair in his bedroom (playing with toys, looking at birds in the tree outside the window)
  • had two really bad colds with super runny nose and a cough 
  • went to Idaho to vacation and visit with his dad's Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Got time at Lake Pend O'rielle, got to visit Sandpoint and sort of Spokane (to see his mommy's friend Meghan and her kids),  and did pretty good on most of the car ride (although the way back was long!). He especially liked being with his parents and his Gramma Susan the whole time.
  • stayed at a cabin near Suncadia with Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, and Charlie so that Mommy and Daddy could go to their friend's wedding events. He loved time with his grandparents (as evidenced by smiles, laughs, giggles, and reaching out towards them to be held). He even did well on our drive home when we stopped to do a 7 mile hike in a dark tunnel!
  • spent time in California visiting Nana, Papa, Great Gramma Jacquie, Aunt Cassie & Uncle Andrew, Aunt Jen & Uncle Alan and more of the family! Although sick with a cold, he enjoyed his baby naming at temple, playing at the baby playground at Burton Park, the spray park and pool at "The Club"/PAC, walking downtown San Carlos, attending his first Giants game, riding a train for the first time, going out for Chinese food (as is a Strauss family tradition), and more.
  • been given a Hebrew name (Micah Ilan)
  • fought diaper changes
  • grew less shy around new people (especially on our California trip)

This is his pointing with the "ooo ooo ooo" sound!

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  1. Micah is amazing, as are his parents!


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