Sunday, July 21, 2013

Double digits! Baby is Ten Months Old!

This month Micah has:

  • become steadier on his feet
  • began cruising around the furniture (we thought he started that last month, but really that was nothing compared to his speed and comfort level doing it now!)
  • been working a lot on verbalization. None of the sounds are recognizable as words yet, but his tone and expressions have become very animated.
  • began slightly mimicking us with gestures
  • reached out a hand and arm towards things that he wants.
  • eaten a lot more solid foods (mushrooms which went right through him, yogurt, blueberries, apple chicken breakfast sausages, fish tacos, spicy tofu sausages, fig newton, hamburger, and more)
  • gone back to breastfeeding for many full feedings during the day (with only two-three formula bottles a day)
  • loved reading, mouthing, flipping pages in books
  • had so much fun during bathtime (splashing and he discovered how to make bubbles in the water!) He also likes to stand up while in the bath now and climb up the walls.
  • loved climbing up and down his chair in his bedroom (playing with toys, looking at birds in the tree outside the window)
  • enjoyed getting his hands and mouth on any shaker he could find.
  • pooped a lot!
  • started cutting his fifth tooth (upper) and the sixth is on its way too
  • been busy with Mommy each day since she's on summer vacation
  • finished his Genious Baby class and went back to the Evergreen hospital Parent Baby group. 
  • joined mommy at her new Pathways Connect group
  • went to Tot Shabbat
  • listened to a lot of temple music by Elana Jagoda and to lullabies to the tune of Kenny Chesney songs
  • Fell asleep in the car a lot
  • began taking a long nap (1-2 hours) in the middle of the day
  • gone swimming a few times and loved it! 
  • became a member of the zoo (and went three times!)
  • spent time with Gramma (including his first night without mom and dad)
  • spent time with Nana
  • got lots of compliments on his hair (lots of it and sticking straight up!)
  • began making "indian" noises with his hand on his mouth and then laughing
  • continued to be a happy baby (although now he often arches his back and cries when going in the stroller or car seat)
  • started letting mom brush his teeth twice a day
  • was caught "talking" in his sleep
  • leaned into Mommy and acted shy by nuzzling his head into her neck and shoulder around new people
my sometimes shy guy

little climber

his favorite chair

working on his vocal cords

making "indian" sounds

new fun sounds and movements 

still loves that TV remote

So lucky to spend the summer with this guy!

Can't believe in two months we will celebrate his first birthday!

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