Friday, June 21, 2013

Nine Months In, Nine Months Out!

Micah has been a part of this world for as long as he was growing inside me! Such an amazing milestone! This month has been huge for development and since it was my last month wrapping up the school year at work, it truly flew by fast!

This month Micah:

  • Got even faster at crawling and even began to crawl up on his knees (although he still prefers the army crawl since he is so fast at it!)
  • Got really good at standing himself up while grabbing onto furniture or people's legs (he does think that his mouth is another vehicle to help push and pull his way up).
  • Began cruising a bit while standing up holding on to furniture (especially in the crib and the pack and play)
  • was teething really really bad! The puddles of drool in the last two weeks alone could equate to all the water in the Puget Sound! He has been much fussier regarding cutting these top front teeth than he was with the bottom two. 
  • had another cold. This one was tough since he was cutting teeth at the same time. The combination of the two led to his self weening from breast feeding. We are now in formula only territory. That means constant washing bottles territory. More on that development soon.
  • ate more bread and crackers and apple flavored wagon wheels. Micah continues to shun and show complete and utter disgust for any mushy, fruit or veggie foods. He did start eating cheerios and now can't get enough of them.
  • started babbling a lot! He says sounds like "ada ada dada ada" and "ba ba ba" among other somewhat indecipherable sounds.
  • continued to enjoy lullaby music
  • helped Daddy celebrate his first Father's Day
  • just started to show more interest in books and stories and animal noises
  • continued to laugh and giggle at Daddy's many silly faces and noises
  • liked doing Facetime with his relatives (most frequently with Papa and Nana)
  • went to the Burien farmers market every Thursday with Gramma
  • was designated a drawer in Gramma's kitchen to play in with lots of fun kid friendly kitchen tools
  • kept Charlie on his toes grabbing chunks of his hair and playing with his tail. Luckily Charlie doesn't mind it and even has a new playmate in Micah as he will play tug of war with Charlie's chew toys and socks.
  • stopped nursing to sleep
  • continued to begin the evening in his crib and then join Mommy and Daddy in bed
  • just this week started to really cry for wants and not just needs!
  • traveled to San Diego for Memorial Day weekend (thus exploring the beach and the ocean)
  • played at the park a lot (picking grass, playing just a bit in the sandbox, swinging on the swing lots, and people watching)
  • went on lots of walks with Mommy, Daddy, and Charlie in the neighborhood
Teething baby with a cold is no fun!

I stand up all the time now!

Yummy books!

Bath toys are fun outside of the bath too

Charlie and I are best buds

I'm so quick, I keep Mom and Dad and Gramma chasing after me all day long!

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