Monday, June 3, 2013

Babies First Beach Day

 We were able to go visit family in San Diego over Memorial Day weekend. I was expecting a nice trip, but not a sun filled one since I figured "May-Grey" and "June-Gloom" would be in full effect. Luckily, the weather was atypical and we found ourselves enjoying super sunny and warm days at the beach. As soon as we arrived on Saturday afternoon, after a much anticipated meal at one of our favorite authentic Mexican burrito stands, we headed straight to the beach at Torrey Pines. Torrey Pines beach is a nice one because it's usually not as crowded as some of the southern SD beaches and the cliffs are always gorgeous. Micah wasn't sure what to think of the ocean and the sand. He played with kelp, ate sand covered rocks, and got used to the water (which was surprisingly pretty warm). He liked digging with his hands in the sand, watching the pelicans and their flying V, and he especially liked the kites. My Aunt Leigh and cousin Katelyn finally got to meet Micah and he warmed up to them right away, which was nice for Phil and I who got to take a romantic stroll on the beach walk to the restrooms alone. It was relaxing and so much fun to see Micah get to experience beach life and somehow Phil and I made the trip back home to Seattle. I'm not going to lie and sugar coat it. It's always hard to come back after a trip to San Diego!

first touch of sand

first family beach day

Aunt Leigh and Katelyn

Momentarily scared of the ocean

I think this is my favorite photo from that day!

In awe and a bit excited 

enjoying the sun

flying V

sandy baby

more time in the water
 We spent lots of quality time with our SoCal relatives, visited the zoo, ate as much Mexican food as we possibly could, grabbed one obligatory meal at In N Out, and caught up with a good friend in La Jolla.

Katelyn, Dan, Reid, and the three of us at the World Famous San Diego Zoo

Micah got to meet Uncle Craig too!

The beach was great, but I think Micah liked Yogi time the best!

Cutest French Bulldoggy ever (and Micah's new best friend...don't tell Charlie!)

Hanging with Ali Black in La Jolla

this building might as well be family! With our little Lodge love child ;-)
Also got to see my own Papa's first cousins Joyce & Ted. Yes, another Joyce Strauss!

On the last day before we had to fly out, we managed to squeeze in one more beach trip, this time to Solana Beach.
What to do when Mommy can't find her sun glasses? Wear Micah's! Only kidding, I bought new ones.

Funny that I am actually wearing Micah on my back in this photo and yet you can't tell at all!
Pondering the connectedness of life and human kind thanks to the sounds and sights of the ocean.

Clothes are always optional at the beach!

bare butt baby coming through!

All changed and ready for more action in the sunshine!

Have you taken any fun trips lately? What do you like to do at the beach?

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