Monday, May 20, 2013

The Remodel's Almost done, right?

Wrong! While we have made huge amounts of progress, especially in only 18 months or so, we still have a huge to do list. Luckily, Phil's burnout didn't last too long and over the Xmas to NewYears time off from work he began to tackle our ginormous to-do list. Then, finally, we decided to hire out so that Phil could enjoy his weekends with myself and Micah and not slave away on our house. In true Young House Love fashion (my favorite blog!), here is our "Dude, Get on that!" list:

Living Room:

  • Paint entry bench
  • Hang hooks on entry wall
  • Crown molding on the chimney
  • Clear coat the chimney
  • Create faux mantel and fireplace (sheet rock and mantel)
  • Sand, prime, and paint ikea hacked bookshelves
  • Trim bookshelves
  • Paint trim
  • Quarterround on floor trim
  • Baskets for shoes
  • Hooks for keys
  • National Parks art on entry wall
  • Family photos up and decorate shelves
  • New couch
  • New rug

  • Crown molding
  • Paint touch up on walls
  • Create countertop fix for sides of the oven
  • Purchase and install new microwave
  • Cut out and devise a cabinet door for space under the microwave
  • Install kitchenaid mixer lift stand
  • Add final soft closes and handle pulls to the cabinets
  • Fix blind corner storage
  • Create mini command center
  • Purchase and install beverage coolers (wine & beer)
  • Trim windows
  • Paint trim
  • Build kitchen nook seats
  • Install under cabinet lights
  • Paint nook seats
  • Create nook seat cushions
  • Purchase new table and chair
  • Purchase stools for the island

  • Install laminate on the floor
  • Create countertop
  • Add cabinets/shelving and small pole to hang dry clothes
  •  Doors

  • Shelving
  • Better dry goods storage containers
  • Organize pantry goods
  • Paint or wallpaper ?

Master Bathroom:
  • Scrub seal off tile
  • Install pocket doors
  • Install closet doors
  • Trim
  • Paint trim
  • Pocket door handles
  • Install Transitions

Master Bedroom:
  • Trim windows
  • Paint trim
  • Entertainment center and corner storage unit
  • Gallery Wall of photos in hallway
  • Sconce lights
  • door stoppers
Guest Room:
  • New doors
  • Install door handles
  • Trim
  • Paint trim
Micah's Room:
  • New doors
  • Install door handles
  • Trim
  • Paint Trim
Front Hallway
  • Rip out old built in drawers and shelves
  • Sheet rock to make small closet for vacuum etc.
  • Install shelf and broom organizers
We were not planning to redo the front guest/kids bathroom during this remodel since it really needed to be almost gutted and completely redone, but we decided to finally go for it when we hired some guys to do all the trim and a bunch of other projects. We figure that it is worth is to do it now since we put all this time and money into fixing up the rest of the house. It was just silly to leave it undone, especially since it is practically the first thing you see when you enter our house.

Guest/Kid Bathroom:
  • Rip out old tile
  • Rip up laminate flooring
  • Redo subflooring
  • Get rid of cracked old toilet and get water saving toilet
  • New Vanity
  • Hang a medicine cabinet
  • Beadboard one wall
  • New Tile in shower
  • Install a shower door
  • Trim
  • Paint trim
  • Hang Froggie art
  • Install three small floating shelves

And we still have the following to tackle over the next few summers:

  • Paint the trim
  • Rain chains
  • Fix drainage
  • Build a fence for the entire backyard
  • Rip out chain link fence (dog run)
  • Level dirt
  • Build a patio/seating area
  • Stairs or deck into house from backyard
  • Firepit area
  • Small grass area for kid play 
Pictures to follow soon!

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