Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eight Month Old Baby Micah

This month Micah:

  • began kissing Mommy with wet slobbery open mouth "kisses" when she picked him up for work (and for the first time this evening at bedtime!)
  • continued to tummy crawl everywhere and super quickly
  • started to sit himself up from his tummy crawl and is really good (and fast) at it
  • enjoyed lots more time with his Gramma Nanny taking almost daily walks, playing with toys, reading books, and going to his Baby Genius class each week
  • started to enjoy lullaby music a lot
  • Traveled to Suncadia for a weekend for Mommy's big 30th birthday (and enjoyed more time with both Grandmothers)
  • Spent time with Nana and Papa while Mommy and Daddy worked in the garage for a whole weekend
  • Is starting to try to pull himself up to standing (first successful time happened just tonight!)
  • got his second cold with a super runny nose and now even a cough
  • went for his second hike in the woods
  • took good care of Mommy on her first Mother's Day by letting Daddy take care of him
  • continued to wake up often during the night, but started nursing less at night
  • continued to show disgust at the taste of solid foods.

Always crawling now

Tug of war with Charlie

Starting to stand himself up!

Brotherly love ;-)

look at those two teeth!

Reunited with his Papa!

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