Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Break Part Two: Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio!!! (now, reread while singing as part of the Sublime song April 26, 1992)

Micah, his Nana, and I took the short flight from Chicago to Cleveland on Tuesday and then grabbed a rental car and made our way to Micah's Great Great Aunt Ginny's house. And by grabbed a rental car, I mean, got a rental car anyways after accidentally reserving it for the week before. But alas, it being Cleveland, Ohio (again with the singing voice), we had no problem.

I would love to tell you about all of the amazing things that we did in Cleveland. I would love to tell you that you have been missing out on a wonderful part of America. But, I won't sugar coat things. We didn't bother going downtown Cleveland at all, since my mom and I got to do that twice two years ago (for a couple of super awesome family weddings) and we've done the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame many times already. I was hoping that my cousin Robbie would take us hiking in some of the parks he goes to since his photography always makes the area look amazing. But, the weather was not good. It was slightly entertaining though since there were thunderstorms,which we don't really get out here. So, we did what the Strauss family does best. We ate. Then we ate again. Then we planned the next meal while we were at the first. And so on and so forth. We also squeezed in some major mall walking at three different malls.

I don't know if I already told you this, but I love my family. I love my Aunts and Uncles in Cleveland and I really really love my big cousins. I can't even tell you what it is about them. I love their accents. I love their humor. I love that they are charismatic and funny and loving and fun to be around. They are some of the few people that I don't even care about having plans to do specific activities with. I just love hanging out and talking and being together. I couldn't wait to introduce Micah to all the Cleveland fam. They are some of my greatest supporters. I appreciate them so much. I'm glad they met Micah and I am also glad I got to spend more time with them. Especially my cousin Eric's kids, Jackson and Sophia. Jackson was five before I got to meet him and I didn't want that to happen for all of them and Micah. So now, they have all met Micah and I have finally gotten to know nine year old sporty and too mature for his own good Jackson, and five year old flirty and fun Sophie. We spent three days just being together and I am so thankful for every bit of it.

Love this one of my mom

Sorry my focus is all off...I was playing around with camera settings. Auntie Jill & my mom

How adorable are these Sophia and Micah shots?

My cousin Eric being the awesome dad that he is

Uncle Eddie. He hasn't changed a bit since I can remember him :-)

My mom's BIG birthday celebration

The Bainbridge, Ohio Strauss family

Micah loved cousin Robbie!

Me and the boys. Dave, Rob, Micah, and Uncle Arnie

With our wonderful Cleveland hostess, Auntie Ginny


  1. Great photos and family. Your Papa would be more than proud. Xoxo

  2. So jealous we couldn't hang out with everyone! Your post was so nice and the pics are amazing. Such a great family, indeed. Much love to you, Ali on your Bday!


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