Monday, March 11, 2013

Regrouping for Baby

Micah is 24 weeks old already! That means he is about six months (even though we are still another two weeks from the official 6 month birthday)! It is amazing what this kid can do already. He seems so different than just a week or two ago. He is sitting up by himself, pre-crawling (where he kicks his feet, does huge push ups, raises his butt so far in the air, and rolls over), babbling more (including little funny screeching noises), and mimicking some of our funny faces and noises. We decided to purchase the next size of car seats, since he was pretty cramped in his infant carseat. The new convertible car seat is so roomy and nice and will still be safe and rear-facing for a while. We also decided to invest in a highchair so that he can start to sit with us at the table at meal times. He is even starting to play with solid food! He ate a bit (we are talking a teaspoon or less) of avocado the other night (but it definitely counts, since it did change the texture of his poop!). He is majorly teething, but so far it's hard to tell how close he is to actually "cutting" a tooth. He has been seriously fighting naptimes unless we are at home in a quiet dark room, which is new since just a week ago he was still easily napping in the stroller or the front-pack. Overall, he is still a super sweet baby with such a carefree and happy personality. Needless to say, we love him so much!

First food! Avocado!

Get in my belly!

Not so sure what to do with this stuff!


New perspective on life with a new carseat!

Playing with my football in my cool new carseat

Pushups are easy

I'm so close!

I'm a drool monkey

Trying to crawl is hard work and frustrating!


  1. Soon Micah will be asking for guacamole and chips, just like his mother. I will enjoy feeding him wonderful home made food, unlike the boxed Kraft mac and cheese that his mother and Uncle Ben insisted on eating over fresh home made meals. We have all learned lessons from our experiences and Micah will enjoy the rewards. xoxo

  2. Our nephew is the cutest!!! I can really see the resemblance to his Uncle Ben, especially with all of the drool and food smeared cross his face! The push-up picture is my favorite. Love from Denver! :)


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