Sunday, March 3, 2013

Music and Fish

Micah's two first loves. His face lights up when he hears music and rhythm. His eyes grow large with wonder when he sees fish (ok, and moving water). So naturally, we signed him up for a Kindermusic class and got a membership to the Aquarium. Saturday was our first music class. Phil and I got to take Micah. The class was sweet and although he had been woken up from a nap for it, he seemed to enjoy it. He also enjoyed watching mom and dad tinker around with instruments in the Soundbridge part of Benaroya Symphony Hall (where the class was located) afterwards. It's funny how inspired Phil and I are watching Micah's musical nature. As most babies probably are, Micah is easily calmed or entertained by singing or humming. He is fascinated when we keep a beat with our dinner utensils. Ever since he's been riding in the car and hating riding in the car, the only thing that could sooth him is one very special song. We'll see if his love for music continues, but it's already very exciting for us to see. We just might have to take up learning to play an instrument at the same time Micah inevitably will.

As we discovered around Christmas time, Micah is very entertained by fish and moving water. Seems like he's already taking after his Uncle Ben in that way. My heart is so full of love watching him discover and learn new things. Micah has been learning a mile a minute lately. Just look how he holds onto his daddy and stares curiously at all of the new sights.

so much to learn

mom has too much fun while I'm sleeping

uh oh...tired of mommy taking photos?

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