Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

Yesterday was Micah's first half birthday! I can't believe it has been six amazing months with this kiddo!  He is becoming so mobile, which is evident in this months photo shoot. I only could get out of focus and blurry photos! Yikes. My apologies.

This month Micah has:
  • Managed to suck and chew on his feet as much as possible
  • Discovered his little wiener in the tub.
  • Been a drool monkey on and off.
  • Done baby push ups lifting his whole torso up off the activity mat. He is also spinning himself around doing 360's and is even scooting backwards!
  • Enjoyed many "chew toys" for teething that his Daddy bought for him.
  • Had many trips to the park & many rides in his stroller
  • Pushed bedtime back to almost 8pm! Thanks a lot daylight savings time!
  • Continues snacking on and off at night, but only seems to wake for one nighttime feeding.
  • Giggled and laughed and snorted a lot (especially when Daddy played with him and made silly noises)
  • Had another cold
  • gotten rid of his "neck mustache" but still has his comb over hair (and his cute little swirl at the top of his head)
  • tried solid foods! So far he's mostly just played with it, but he has experienced avocado, banana, and asparagus in some way
  • Continued to make a variety of interesting noises. Lately he has been trying to emulate the sound for P, especially when we say "poo poo"
  • Displayed stranger danger when Mommy's work friends held him
  • Experienced true constipation for almost 40 hours!
  • Had to have a mix of formula and breast milk, since Mommy's supply isn't keeping up to demand now that she's back at work.
  • moved to a convertible car seat!
  • sat nicely in his new high chair
  • *update: Micah was 18 lbs 8 oz at his 6 month doctors appointment which was a bit late. He was 27 inches too! 

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