Monday, February 25, 2013

The Best Baby Gifts

If you are looking for a list of must buy baby items or items to register for if you are expecting, then keep on searching; this is not that list. I started to think about creating that list of must have items for any baby and I came up with a few:
  • Velcro swaddlers or The Miracle Swaddle Blanket (since the regular fold it yourself kind might feel good, but they are a pain to master)
  • Baby health items like gripe water, baby aspirin since they provide peace of mind just knowing they are there
  • Bottles with storage bags
  • outfits in the style of the city baby will live in and of the sports teams of that city
I also thought of a list of items to skip giving a Mom-to-be or new Mom if you want to be unique and helpful:
  • pacifiers (let the mom see if the baby even likes the one they got at the hospital first)
  • blankets (we got so many blankets! While they were all super sweet, unless they were handmade, they aren't getting used a lot)
  • Bibs (so many!)
  • Hats (so many don't stay on or were too small from the start)
  • Changing pad and Diaper Bag (each parent will have very specific taste and needs for these two items, so unless it is on a registry...skip this decision!)
Mostly I didn't want to do a more detailed list since I am so sick of all the consumerism that surrounds babies and children (ok, fine, that is in our society in general). For the most part babies will be fine with the basics! They don't need twenty outfits, ten will do. They don't need a bunch of toys since they will end up wanting to play with items you already have anyways. If you are buying someone a baby gift, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is it practical?
  • Is it sentimental?
  • Is it eco-friendly?
  • Is it unique?
 The best gifts that we received were:
  •  frozen meals and gift certificates for restaurants (especially ones that you can order take out from)
  • boring, yet practical items like diapers, wipes, nursing bras, nursing shirts, reusable nursing pads (ok, so we actually didn't receive any of these, but I would have loved to get these as gifts!)
  • and all of the handmade gifts we received
We are so fortunate to have such crafty friends and family! We showed you back in June and July all the amazing handmade gifts from our showers and that arrived in the mail. Ever since Micah arrived, the handmade gifts just keep on coming! We love all of them!

My cousin Elizabeth even let us borrow the play mat that she made for her daughter, Ellie. Ellie never really got to enjoy it since this labor of love took Elizabeth a bit longer than expected and Ellie was too old by the time it was done to get the full enjoyment out of it. Isn't it gorgeous!? What a labor of love! Lucky Micah gets to use it!

more proof he is my little froggy!

Even family of our family made beautiful things for Micah. This blanket was made by Lynette (who you can read more about here)'s fabulous mother, Jane! I love that it is Seattle sports colors...While we hope he won't be rooting for those Seageeks or Mariners, he can still sport blue and green for the oh so awesome Seattle Sounders soccer team.

This next gift is so special since it was made by my 96 year old Great Aunt Shirley! How stinkin cute is this beanie?

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