Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Family Command Center

Every kitchen needs a command center. Especially when you have a giant island countertop that likes to accumulate mail, papers, and everything else under the sun...I mean clouds (this is Seattle after all).  Especially when you have a hubby that needs a little organizational help (hey...I'm not being mean, he could say that I need a lot of help in areas he is amazing at like DIYing, cooking, deep cleaning, and on and on....). I like the idea of having one place that the hubster can look to find a pen (which he always needs), our calendar (so on the rare occasion he is making plans for us he will know what's going on even if I'm not home), our menu plan (so I won't constantly need to answer the "What's for dinner?" question), and will even hold all of his mail and papers (that he just loves to leave out all over) in a hidden from view kind of way. I found the perfect little wall space that wouldn't be getting much use otherwise since it's above a heating vent and too skinny and awkward for any fancy art or photos. This was a super easy project that took a quick trip to Staples for some clear plastic file holders and the rest of the stuff we already had around the house.
The yellow clothespin board was a gift for baby Micah (I believe it is a Pottery Barn kids item) and is a fun alternative to a standard bulletin board.

The detail shots:

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