Thursday, February 21, 2013

Five Months!

This month Micah has:

  • Moved from focusing on his hands to focusing on his feet (and trying to get them into his mouth!)
  • Been drooling a little less. More on and off teething.
  • Continued to grow so big! He was 16 lbs 6 and a half oz at the 4 month appointment and seems to continue to weigh more and grow in length
  • Almost outgrown his baby bath tub. We are still using it, but it's on its last days since his knees and legs are out of the water.
  • Continued to love jumping in his jumperoo. 
  • Grown way more interested in grabbing and playing with the stuffed toys that hang from his activity mat.
  • Continued leaning forward to try to grab things (like his feet or Charlie or mom's hair, necklace, eyes, ears...) and has done so successfully and quite forcefully! He can hold his own pacifier (we still try every now and then to see what he'll do with it. He just basically uses it as a teether and doesn't suck on it very much, but it is very entertaining for all of us). He pulls on my hair and holds on when we pick him up.
  • Continued to show interest in other people and babies
  • Gone to the park and swung on the swings, slid down the slide (with Mommy's help) and rode a toy train (with Mommy's help) and loved it!
  • Been going to sleep around 6 or 7 each night after a bath, story, and "Mommy time" breastfeeding. Seems to be getting a bit later than it used to be since he naps later and since Mommy is back at work and he misses her.
  • Continues 3 major night time feedings. Usually around 11:30pm, 3:30am, and 5:30am. Mommy has gotten really good and sleeping through these feedings (I'm not using the IPad all night or even looking at the clock each time anymore!)
  • Giggled and laughed and snorted a lot
  • Cried a lot less
  • Fights sleep, especially the first nap of the day
  • Stopped hating the car. He now plays with the toys or stares in the mirror or out the window or falls right to sleep!
  • Babbled with baby talk a lot! Uses funny noises made in the back of his throat. Kind of gurgles.
  • Loved being outside
  • Continued to be entertained by Charlie.
  • Enjoyed Facetime with his Nana and Papa regularly
  • Enjoyed more time with Gramma now that she gets to be here everyday as Nanny. He transitioned so well for her! He lights up with a giant smile when she arrives each morning and even has huge smiles for Mommy and Daddy when they come home each evening.
  • Been eating more than Mommy can pump, which makes her sad since her backup supply is dwindling and she may have to supplement with formula here and there since pumping is hard work!
  • Let Daddy help and play with him a lot more
  • Loved Barnes and Noble and although he mostly just wants to eat books, occasionally he loves listening to stories and looking at the pictures
  • Just started showing the first signs of stranger danger (not wanting to be left with a "stranger")
  • Grown more hair! Lost more of his first baby hair (although some is sticking around looking like a bad toupee. Luckily he lost his little "neck mustache").

Almost crawling! Loves to move already!


  1. Micah is living the good life. I can't wait to hold him again. xoxoxo

  2. Ah he really is growing fast! He looks like his is sitting up in those 5 month pictures! I love that you're using the "stickers" :) xoxo

  3. That's it! I'm planning a trip to Seattle this summer so our babies can play together, I can get a tour of your house, and you can give me some photography lessons!!!!

  4. Meghan! I would love that! I can't wait to meet your little one to be! Anna...I love those stickers!


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