Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Different, Yet Same

Life is so different, yet life is still the same.

Now that we have Micah, we have reason to go to things like the Temple Purim Carnival, which we went to Sunday morning (and dressed Micah up as SuperPooper...cape and all!). That was something different. Then we were hungry so we walked to Barrio, a super yummy Mexican restaurant that actually manages to remind us of San Diego, and had brunch. That was something the same...something we could do when it was just us. Something that we likely won't be doing when we have more than one kid. It's funny how we realize how different our lives are, but at the same time so much of what we used to do is still possible. It's a little like how we used to go for walks on our own and then we got Charlie. Then we went for walks with Charlie. Then we got Micah and so we went on our walks with Charlie and Micah. It's different, yet the same. It's funny how life changes so drastically and yet it can feel so totally normal and natural. We love this little family we've got going so much!

Sunday at brunch, the lighting was so perfect, so we whipped out the camera and caught some super fun shots. Enjoy!

Nose picker, already!?

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