Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Live it in a Day- San Diego

I was recently asked by a good friend for recommendations on what to do while she was in San Diego. I have been asked this by quite a few Northwest friends since I did spend five warm and sunny fun filled years there. I thought since I am writing and rewriting tourist recommendations often enough, I should write it down on the blog so I won't need to keep rethinking and rewriting. When recommending places, I often think about trying to give someone a true feel for the place. I am also aware that time is usually a factor. I also know that impressions of an entire city, state, country can stem from just one day with those limited interactions. I was fortunate enough to do a lot of cruising with my family while growing up and thus my impression of entire countries is based on the few interactions and locations of one day. Since I have been fortunate to live in five different cities for long enough to be called a local and have traveled to many more in whirlwind style, I thought it would be fun to bring you the following segment: Live It In a Day.

I will start with San Diego area. To truly see San Diego, I am going to recommend renting a car. If you don't, you will pretty much be stuck in the Gaslamp/Seaport Village part of town which is fun, but not a very accurate or diversified impression of the local life.
If you only have one day in San Diego, I love to do the following (this is usually the order I go, but can of course be rearranged in a different order):

1. Balboa park. Just walking around the whole place and going in the free arboretum and over to the cactus and rose gardens is enough, but if you can try to choose one of the museums. My favorite: the Museum Of Photographic Art. Phil's favorite: Model Train Museum (well worth the price and even interesting to non-train buffs) Do you have more than one day? Definitely do the Zoo! So worth it, but it takes all day. Also, if you are going to do the zoo...wear walking shoes!

2. Mission beach & PB by beach cruiser (unless of course Segway is more your style...ha!)

3.Mexican food for lunch is a must. Want somewhere with a line out the door and popular? Go to Lucha Libre. Want a dive burrito stand? Hit up Las Brasas. Want somewhere touristy but still good? Head to Old Town Mexican Cafe.

4. Drive up to La Jolla. Stop and say hello to the seals in the Cove.

5. Continue to Torrey Pines State Preserve for a short, yet beautiful hike. Stop in at the Lodge at Torrey Pines since that is where (Phil and I met and worked) the US Open golf tournament was and its a fancy five diamond resort to just ooo and ahh over the architecture.

6. Is this your only stop in California? Get some In N Out for a snack.

7. Dinner: In a romantic mood? Try Little Italy. Feel like people watching? Stick around the Gas Lamp district (my favorite restaurant is Raw Sushi) Would you rather head off the tourist track? Try one of the many yummy restaurants in Hillcrest.

8. Haven't had enough yet? Need some night life? If you are in Gas Lamp: Shout House and Jimmy Loves were always my favorites (and I'm pretty sure they are still there...those establishments change faster than you can say Gas Lamp. looking for more of a dive bar? The Lamplighter consistently is voted best one around (and it was in my old neighborhood. And Phil and I ended our first date there. And there is kareoke. See if they still make fire bombs. Need an even divier bar than that? Head to the Aero Club. In the mood to be 21 again? Find your way to any place on Garnet Ave. in PB.

Have fun! Send a postcard! Or just text us a photo since isn't that the modern day postcard?!

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  1. Don't forget to add going to a Padres game during the season if you have an extra day, especially if they are playing the Giants or your favorite team :-)


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