Sunday, January 6, 2013

Imperfectionately Yours- First Edition

So, lately I've been wondering how appropriate the title of this blog is. Lately I've been thinking that Imperfectionately Yours, Imperfectly Me, or Imperfectionist would all be more fitting. This comes from my recent attempts at Pinterest projects.
First, there was the way I attempted to decorate and serve food Pinterest style at our Sip and See:
Then, I attempted to create cute footprint ornaments for our family members.

As I began packing up our holiday decorations, I wanted to put away our ornaments safely. Before, I had so few that I just threw them into a bin willy nilly. We are beginning to acquire quiet a few now that Susan gave us many of Phil's train ornaments from his childhood and Micah received a couple "babies first Christmas" ornaments. I found a simple storage solution on Pinterest using plastic cups and cardboard. It did say to use a hot glue gun and corrugated cardboard and I only used plain cardboard and painter's tape, so there really is no surprise at my PinFail.  Also, I only gave it one attempt, but hey....I have an infant now, so what can you expect! I don't know how the ladies of the design blogs that I follow do it. I've decided that they have super human powers!
I have had more luck with baking and cooking, except when I tried to make this amazing looking Blue Velvet Cake. I made it for Micah's one month birthday and was so excited to try it. Phil and I sat down with lots of anticipation, took one bite and couldn't even come up with words to describe the weird texture of the cake. Spongey? Rubbery? Nothing fit. It was just plain weird. Phil put down his fork right away, I tried to have a second bite, but I had to admit that something went terribly wrong with that recipe. It was so bad it was quiet humorous. There goes imperfect me again!

I have a feeling that I will continue to make things Imperfectly Mine, so stay tuned for Edition Two!


  1. Have you ever heard of Pintrosity? There is at least one site out there dedicated to capturing their Pinterest failures! I've had a few myself so it makes me think that the pins out there must have been done many times until they were perfected and then posted :)

  2. I should do a few of these! I love the honesty :D

  3. Thanks! I like to "keep it real"! I'm sure that with a little more time or a second attempt these can pan out a lot better! Thanks for checking out this post!
    Ali Vrbas
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