Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Four Generations

As I mentioned in my Young House Love post, my mom and Gramma came in for a visit this last weekend. Although my Gramma is my Dad's mom, it was still pretty neat to have four generations of family members together. We hauled Micah with us to the mall in Bellevue (land of the Stepford wives as I sometimes like to refer to it!) on Saturday. Lots of the employees of various stores commented about how cute Micah is and of course about how cool it was to have four generations together. Gramma kept telling everyone that she never thought she would live long enough to see it. We all laugh when she says that though, since my Dad has always said she will out live all of us. She's just that kind of lady.

Clinique was doing before & after photos of people they gave makeovers to. We didn't get them, but they offered to take our photo anyway since it's rare to see four generations together.

And we actually all look pretty good! That's a first!

And I snagged a Mommy/Micah photo too!

Micah thinking about how he can remember this moment with his Great Gramma forever

I love and appreciate our families, but we are a bit exhausted after so many visitors. And I only have less than two weeks left of my maternity leave! Let's just say, I'm looking forward to working with Kindergarteners again, but my anxiety level is definitely creeping up quickly.

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