Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Golden Birthday

Phil's sister, Cassie, and our brother in law, Andrew, were in town from the Bay Area last week. They were driving to Coeur d'Alene to visit Andrew's family (his sister just got engaged...yeah Olivia! Congrats!) and so Cassie could attend her best friend, Amber's baby shower. They stayed with Phil's mom, so we didn't get a lot of time with them, but we did celebrate Cassie's birthday a bit early with her by having a huge fish taco dinner. No surprise, Susan made the best jicama salsa that pales only to the salsa she made back in Idaho years ago with a variety of fresh tomatoes from her garden. Also in true Susan style, she baked two yummy and beautiful cakes in Cassie's honor.

Cream Cheese frosting on Spice Cake to be topped with Caramel sauce (not pictured)

Blackberry cake with a Blackberry Merlot sauce (not pictured)

I'm glad that Cassie and Andrew got some time with Micah before he went to bed, since they were supposed to get to take care of him all the next day while I went in to work, but I got sick that night! I rarely get sick, so that was a bummer.
Micah loves his Auntie and Uncle!

They brought over this board game called Imaginifff and it was hilarious. It's not a first date game. You really have to know the people you play with well. And I don't recommend playing with people whose egos bruise easily since there will inevitably be some judgements that come forward. It was pretty funny.

Happy belated Golden Birthday Cass! 27 on the 27th! Woo hoo!

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