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2012: Remodel, Pregnancy, a new baby: oh my!

Seeing that our first born child arrived in 2012, it was obviously an amazing year! We did have a lot of other amazing things happen during 2012 and I thought I'd have a little fun reviewing them here. I decided to only highlight a few of the remodel happenings since there were just too many! Thanks for keeping up with us for another year! We appreciate each and everyone of our readers!

We were in the thick of the remodel, living in extension cord city with only a little space heater. Shockingly, our friend Stephanie became our roommate for the month! And of course, we got the good news that we were expecting! You can read more about it 2011 review here, new roomie here, wiring here, closet organization here, insulation here
In the thick of the remodel

Our brave roomie Stephanie

BIG news!
We got to play professional photographers for my cousin Emily's Bat Mitzvah in the East Bay. It was super fun, but really hard work! Luckily we had some playtime too. You can read more about it dry wall here, piece of history here

Emily and parents on her Bat Mitzvah day
We have fun with our awesome cousins

We mostly just stayed home and worked on our remodel. We dog-sat, finished sheet rocking, painted, and planned our new kitchen. You can read more about it kitchen design here, primer, texture, paint here

More fun with the remodel: Hardwood floors went in and I seriously cried happy tears! I had a majorly big Spring Break trip down to Disneyland and L.A. with my family, to San Diego with Phil, and up to the Bay Area for my old best friend's wedding. At the end of the month, my twin Jen and I celebrated our 29th birthdays in Woodinville wine country at the fancy Willows Lodge. You can read more about it
wood floors here, pregnancy reveal here, concrete & cabinets here
I cried tears of joy!
Disneyland and L.A. with the old Strauss family of 4!
Visited my alma mater, good ol' UCSD!
A fun day at the San Diego zoo with my Dad and Aunt

Phil and I at our favorite local in San Diego: Balboa Park
...and we began missing wine!
At the place where it all began...our first time staying at our old work, the Lodge at Torrey Pines!
So happy for my Anna!

We were born the same day, same hospital, same room, but I'm four hours older. So...naturally we share a tub!
Along with more house updates like new kitchen cabinets and countertops and appliances, we had fun attending my cousin Kendra's Bat Mitzvah in Portland area and I got to visit Phil's Gramma Lilly and see their fishing boat. You can read more about it Gramma visit and Cabinets here, Burnout? here, Amazing Bat Mitzvah here, I got to help again here
Us and the Lewin crew after the Bat Mitzvah

Captained by an amazing 80+ years young Gramma Lilly!
loved our new kitchen already!

My staff through a wonderful shower for Nurse Jennifer and myself, we wrapped up another wonderful school year, Phil began the tedious task of tiling the master bathroom, Phil graduated his electrical apprenticeship, and my friends and family showered me with love in the Bay Area. You can read more about it kid friendly kitchen here, Angry Tiling here, baby name reveal here, Life lately here

Phil's least favorite remodel project so far.

After five + years, Phil becomes a journeyman electrician!

my amazing Aunts who hosted the fun baby shower for Micah
We got to be with Phil's Gramma and cousins (and my mom) for the 4th of July, we took a day trip to the North Cascades, I was showered with love again with my local friends and family, and I had a fun staycation with my Gramma and cousin, Katelyn in town. You can read more about it summer balance here, maternity photos here, showered with love here, death of an antique stove here
A fun family fourth!
Beautiful day in the North Cascades

Charlie loves summer at the dog park!

My wonderful in-laws and Seattle shower hosts
visited the new Chihuly museum with Gramma and Katelyn

Our friends April and John got married and my family was all in town for an extremely fun weekend celebrating Julien's Bar Mitzvah. You can read more about it celebrations here, odds and ends here, master bedroom here, less pressure here, boat cruise bar mitzvah here,

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hart

Our Seattle family (and a very pregnant me!)
A little bit nerve racking being 38 weeks on a boat cruise!
We spent labor day hanging with Jen & Alan and wondering when our son would arrive, Micah Howard finally arrived the day after Phil's birthday and so September has officially become my favorite month of the year! You can read more about it last days as two here
waiting for baby here
the story of Micah's birth here

labor day weekend with Jen
Micah Howard was born!
We adjusted to being new parents, had visits from many family members to meet Micah, had fun at Micah's first pumpkin patch and Halloween party, and celebrated another GIANTS WORLD SERIES win!!! You can read more about it two weeks
three weeks 
one month already 
World Series Week 
Micah wasn't a big fan of the pumpkin patch this year

or of his first Halloween costume

He was a big Giants fan though!
We continued to adjust to having an infant, had more family visitors, and Micah had his first plane ride to visit family and our cabin for Thanksgiving! I also got reflective and serious with my post on losing friends. You can read more about it here pinterest vs. practical , give away and a video , honey do listtwo months,  
The best family a little guy could ask for!

We celebrated Micah's first Hanukkah and first Christmas! You can read more about it Hanukkah gift here , Wish list here , baby conversation here, window shopping here, Hanukkah and more , three months old , Babies first Christmas

First Hanukkah!
First Christmas!
Stay tuned for my Goals for 2013! Thanks again for sticking around with us throughout 2012!

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  1. A wonderful year and on to an even more exciting and fun filled year in 2013. It will be a real treat watching Micah grow, walk and talk.


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