Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Months!

My baby is two months already! (I wrote the following when Micah really turned two months...before our trip to California for Thanksgiving...more on that trip next)

Micah at Two Months:
  • 12 lbs 12 oz! (60th percentile!)
  • 24 inches long! (75th percentile!)
  • normal head circumference
  • Smiles directly at people
  • Looks directly into people's eyes
  • Follows your voice, you, or an object with his eyes
  • Enjoys time spent laying on his back
  • Even rolled himself over twice in a row from tummy to back!
  • Makes all kinds of talking noises (ah-goo and others)
  • Has started to "fake cry" occasionally when he starts to get upset instead of immediately wailing
  • Had two or three nights of sleeping for four or five hours straight
  • Had lots of nights recently of only sleeping an hour and a half to two hours at a time all night long
  • Seemed to have a little cold and cough, but it seems to be gone already
  • Still sleeping with us at night and on us during the day (I can really only put him down when he is awake)
  • Went on fewer adventures, but lots of errands
  • Showed off his cute face to the kids at school who all loved him
  • Grew out of his Newborn clothes and first size of diaper covers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On losing friends...

It hurts to lose a friend. 
I still haven't quite gotten over the loss of my best friend from elementary school, Deanna. We used to have the best times together. There was the time we snuck strawberries and brown sugar from her kitchen and ate and ate sugar till it was past being not the best idea. There was the time at the mall when she fell right through a valentines display box and we laughed till our tummies hurt and we could barely breathe. There were the times spent practicing talent show acts only to be scrapped and started anew before auditions. 
What happened to Deanna, you might ask? Middle school happened. Lauren happened. New friends happened and the great divide began. Sure we still had soccer and Girl Scouts together. Sure we still hung out just the two of us occasionally. Sure, we are Facebook friends today. But I miss her. Almost twenty years later I miss her true BFF, half a heart friendship necklace, know each other's families and crushes kind of friendship. 

It hurts to lose a friend. 
In eighth grade it was Eva. The new girl from seventh grade. The just moved from Massachusetts, gymnast, quiet and cool girl who somehow became my friend! Me! Our friendship was a trio with Stephanie. The three of us spent late start Wednesdays together downtown. We dressed the same for Halloween. We liked boys that all hung out in the same group. We mall walked, we swam in her pool, she taught us round offs and splits, I was the maid of honor in her fake recess time wedding. Then Eva's parents decided to move back east again. Who was there to walk her all the way to her gate at the airport holding back tears?me. Then perhaps because letter writing and phone calls weren't her strong suit, she just fizzled from my life leaving a void. Another friend bites the dust. And, yes, she's my Facebook friend too now. Still miss her bad ass eighth grade self.

It hurts to lose a friend.
I was lucky. I had a true guy friend. A lot of people say guys and girls can't be just friends and I would have fought to prove them wrong. Yuriy and I were complete proof that guys and girls can be friends without becoming romantically involved. I met Yuriy when we were 16 and 17 on a trip to Israel. Lots of funny inside jokes from the trip turned into a fun friendship. I dated his best friend and he dated mine (until the best friends started dating each other, but that's a whole other can of worms friendship lost and regained kind of story). Yuriy came to my cabin with my family and I went to Tahoe with his friends. Yuriy came to my birthday parties. I held up a happy birthday sign for him at my high school graduation (and the photo of it made the newspaper...the freakin newspaper proved our friendship!). He visited me twice in college. We talked on the phone almost every week (and it wasn't always one person calling the other first. It was equal). Every time I came back into town I made sure to get to see him. Our friendship rocked. I first noticed things changing when I moved to Idaho to live with my boyfriend. We talked less. I had to call him. I felt like he wasn't really talking to me about his life. The final straw came when he didn't go to my wedding. I understand that he wouldn't know that many people, but couldn't he have just come for the ceremony and skipped the reception? It hurt. One of my closest friends wasn't going to my wedding and it wasn't because he was out of town or sick. He chose not to go. I vowed to give up on the friendship. I tried to pretend like I was the one cutting him out of my life. I did pretty good only calling once or twice after our wedding. I tried not to let in that sinking feeling that maybe he did feel different about our being "just friends" and thus I now feel like there is truth to the guys and girls can't be just friends saying. If it was false then Yuriy would have gone to my wedding. He would have made the effort to get to know my husband. My son would call him Uncle Yura. A lot of time goes by that I don't even think of our lost friendship. Thank goodness he barely even goes on Facebook. But, once in a blue moon he does. Like today. He posted a picture of a cute little boy. I can't believe it. He is married and has a son and I didn't even know he had been engaged and that they were pregnant. I wish I could tell that kid when he's older that his dad once freaked out that our hotel room didn't have a bathtub. That his dad killed a cockroach for us teenage girls. That his dad was a really great friend. I may be hurt that I don't get to share in his happiness, but I am truly happy for him. I can't believe our sons are just two months apart. In the off chance that He reads this, Congrats Yura. I miss you and good job. 

It hurts to lose a friend, but let me tell you, at the risk of sounding extremely cliche, it also makes you truly appreciate those friends that you do have. Do the above lost friendships make me a little weary and restrained to enter into new ones? Yes, but for every Deanna, Eva and Yuriy in my life there is a Jen, Kelly, and Morgan. There are even Anna's and Ryann's, friends who significantly fell out of my life only to powerfully re-enter, thus strengthening the friendship. No matter how many new friends I make lately and in my future (I do hope some day Micah will lead me to more best friends as my brother and I did for our mom), its nice to have those friends that know your family, the house you grew up in, and your favorite things before you became the person you are today.

What do you do when you sense a friendship is changing or ending? How have you dealt with lost friendships? How do you celebrate the friendships in your life that remain strong?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Honey Do List

Poor Phil. He works. He comes home. Showers. Grabs a quick snack. Then it's hold the baby and diaper duty time until he goes to bed, where he gets some sleep before back to work. Yes, he enjoys hanging with Micah, but it's still exhausting.

Poor me. I'm on diaper duty all night and day. I get to hear every time that Micah cries. I have to stare at our unfinished remodel all day every day. Ok, so I'm totally just kidding about the first two poor me's as I love everything about taking care of our little guy. What I haven't been enjoying is staring at all these unfinished projects and items that I bought at Ikea when Micah was only three weeks old. I had been super hesitant to say anything about them though since Phil worked his butt off for a whole year working on this house and I completely couldn't blame him for getting burnt out. I wished that I had the know how and ability to do some of the easier projects myself, but even if I did, I would have a hard time trying to do them between shuffling baby around (since he has to be held when he is sleeping and I feel too guilty leaving him to his awesome self for too long when he is awake). Well, who knows what got into Phil this weekend, but he got a huge second wind and began chipping away at my honey do list. He finally installed the return air vent so that we don't have to cover it with our old school boom box or trip over the vent sitting above ground. He hung the photo that I had made onto a canvas for Micah's room. Phil hung a lamp in our bedroom, mirrors in our bathroom, coat/towel racks in the bathroom and by the back door, a dowel in our pantry for winter coats (which he even spray painted), and the all so necessary magazine rack for bathroom reading pleasure. It was very exciting! He even made a goal to patch the dry wall in the last room and tape and mud before we have guests come for Christmas!

Random thoughts from the past week:
  • Seattle area traffic royally sucks. I'm sorry. It has to be said. Who ever heard of rush hour starting at 3pm!? Who ever heard of a rush hour at 1pm on Saturday!? Always! Ug!
  • Love that Micah lights up with smiles all the time when he is awake now. 
  • Love that Micah likes spending time with his daddy now.
  • Gas stations are the best places to pull over to feed a little baby (not cheap hotels).
  • Strangers are very complementary about how cute the baby is, yet still can't tell if he is a boy or a girl
  • Five year olds like to jump on bandwagons too (Micah and I visited my school and students who i had never met scurried to give us hugs along with those kids who miss me, their old teacher). Some kids were surprised to see me skinny. Some were surprised that I already had my baby. One of the first graders who I had back in June wanted to know if I even remembered him! I got a good laugh at that one. Ask me again in 10 years kid...maybe not, but 4 months later, a big YES!
  • Red lights and traffic have never been so long! Come on people! Can't you tell I have a screaming baby here!
  • Chiropractic and massage therapy are amazing, yet it seems as though every other week is not frequent enough for a breastfeeding mama.
  • Incisions suck. Infected incisions suck more.
  • Bath time is fun!
  • Running a quick errand is no longer quick.
  • Having a family of our own is even better than expected. Nothing else matters but the three of us (ok..four...I'll count Charlie too.)
  • We have the world's weirdest dog! He has to eat his food bit by bit on a carpet and he doesn't like to pee or poop in the rain (quite the predicament when living here in Seattle!).
Pat and Dawna: awesome coworkers and Micah's McGramma's!

Loving Daddy time!

mirrors galore!

Do you like to read on "the pot"?

new light

love the expedits from Ikea for Micah's "drawers"

towel rack found at Second Use. Yea for salvaged materials!
Thanks Kerry B Photography for an awesome photo!

 Can't believe Micah turns 2 months on Wednesday! Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Blog Give Away and more!

Micah is already seven weeks old! This week was pretty low key. Micah still seems to be getting more interactive. In the last few days he has started to let Phil hold him and interact with him. When we do Face Time with our parents and siblings, Micah stares at the screen and even smiles when they talk to him. This week we had the best night of sleep (5 hours straight and then 5 more total!) and the worst night of sleep (waking and feeding every hour and a half or so). It seems like Micah is either fighting off a cold (he sounds a bit congested and has begun a little cough noise here and there) or he is going through a growth spurt (or both).
Did I mention that it feels like winter here already!? Micah looks so cozy in his little bear outfit!
Check out this video that Phil took while I was napping! So stinking cute!

This week we went to our mommy/baby class, ran errands (grocery store all by our selves), Pizza dinner with Anna and another friend from Semester at Sea, neighborhood walks, the mall in Bellevue with Krista and Isaac, Isaac's house (which is all the way in Woodinville and required us to stop in Mercer Island at a gas station to feed even though we fed right before we left the house since we couldn't stand to have Micah screaming all the way there!), met Jaime, and we also made it to the dog park for the first time!
Mini SAS reunion!

Jaime meets Micah!

On Saturday I hosted a Shutterfly More the Merry party and got to help Johanne and Susan start a photo book. Because I was selected to host this party, Shutterfly sent a package of goodies including codes for free photo books. Since not many people were able to attend, I am going to do my first give away on my blog! If you are one of the first ten people to give me some love and comment on this blog post, you will win a free 8 x 8 photo book with Shutterfly! I have used Shutterfly for years now and have made some pretty awesome books for myself and as gifts as well as calendars and other gift items. Check them out!
Johanne working away on her first photo book!

Thanks Shutterfly!
P.S. I'm working on revamping the blog, so please if you have ideas and suggestions, do tell! Also, check out the new pages that you can click on below the heading!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pinterest vs. Practical and other happenings

So, I totally thought I wouldn't be one of those moms. You know, the kind that need the support of a parent/baby group to feel confident as a parent. And, while I don't NEED the support of a group, I went to one (mostly just to have a good reason to get out of the house without spending money!) last week for the first time and I must say that it was really awesome. I didn't realize how many subtle questions have been lurking around in the depths of my mind until I heard other moms ask them and the most wonderful teacher group leader answered them. I was assured that it is ok that Micah does not sleep in his own bed yet. The leader's bottom line which resonated with each question's answer was basically that you go with the needs of your baby and that every baby is different. Not that I was judging the other moms (and dads...there were two), but my take away from the class was that we are doing really well. Micah is doing well. Phil and I are doing well. It also really sank in at how lucky we are to have had so much help and love from family and friends. One mom couldn't contain her tears and frustration with her babies nonstop crying and because of the physical pain she still feels while breast feeding. It was so awesome to see a room full of people there for a total stranger. She was given kleenex, the leader borrowed her baby to give her a break (and in the process showed us all some pretty awesome techniques to temporarily quiet a crying and inconsolable baby), and a few other moms gave said mom a hug. The class is geared for babies 0-3 months. Usually the class has a formal topic and then an open Q & A session, but this time is was Halloween so it was just a Q & A, which as I said before was perfectly wonderful. So, I realized that yes, even I enjoyed a cheesy parent/baby support group and I cannot wait for the next one!
Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!? Micah is the baby at the bottom left not in costume, since I'm that mom that forgot!
For Micah's first Halloween, we had Krista, Peter, Isaac, and Anna over with every intention to walk the neighborhood with trick-or-treaters. Well, it was raining and the babies were having so much fun inside the house, and our pizza was so yummy....needless to say, we didn't even leave the house. Last year we only had one or two groups of trick or treaters (our neighborhood is popular for trick or treating, just not on our block), so I didn't go out and get special candy. Luckily I had enough individually wrapped candy for the one group of six or seven middle schoolers who did ring our bell. I am very excited for when Micah is older and we can take him around, but it sure was nice not having to go out trekking in the downpour!
Isaac the chicken was having fun with Anna's Harry Potter wand. Micah was one sleepy Pumpkin!
Over the weekend was Micah's Sip and See. I had never been to one before, so I was very excited to host one. We invited friends and neighbors to come and see our little guy for the first time. It was such a nice occasion and Micah even woke up for a bit to visit with his guests. It was such a fun and random medley of people in our lives and the event reiterated how lucky we all are. Someone said that a friend told them that tea was usually served as the sip part of a Sip and See. I laughed since apparently I never got that message and our Sip and See was full of champagne, wine, and beer! I also got an idea from pinterest to do a Popcorn Bar where people could add their own seasonings. I had every intention to make the party picture perfect and beautiful just like so many photos you see on Pinterest, yet practicality interrupts my intentions each time I put on shindigs like this one. It boils down to not wanting to spend money on the look of things, not having the time to go shopping to make everything match, and not being a do-it-yourselfer/crafty person to pull it off. To illustrate, find the following photos:
The images on the left are from Pinterest. The images on the right are from our party.

So fun to chat with new and old friends, family, and neighbors!

Hard to believe that Micah is already 6 weeks old. That also means that I got to get checked out by my OB and she gave me the thumbs up for a healing incision. Micah and I took our first run/walk with the stroller the very next day as light exercise now has a green light. It felt so good even after about ten months with no exercise! I'm also amazed at how quickly Micah is changing. He is making new and louder noises when he "talks". He is staying awake for longer periods during the day and has the biggest widest stare, which is often directed on me. He smiles a lot more. He doesn't seem to want a pacifier or even his fingers (although right after I mentioned that to my parents today during a face time conversation, I found his thumb in his mouth while he was sleeping. It didn't last long though, so I still stick with him not being a big sucker!). Yesterday during one of my many staring/heart melting sessions, it dawned on me that my parents (the same ones that can embarrass and irritate me) actually probably looked at me in the exact my-love-is-so-strong-I-can't-even-describe-it kind of way when I was a baby. I am always thankful for my parents, but being a parent myself has made me respect them in an entirely different way...and I know that I haven't even gotten to the hard part yet!

*As you may have noticed, I am in the process of redesigning the blog. I am hoping to write more frequently with a different theme each day. Before I do so, I am hoping to hear honest feedback from those of you who follow the blog. What is something that you enjoy about the blog? What is something that you are not too fond of? I would love to have  more interaction with my readers. If writing comments on blogger is intimidating or difficult, please let me know on facebook or in an email. Thanks!