Monday, August 20, 2012

Winding Down the Pressure

Now that we are moved into the new master bedroom and bathroom, the pressure to get this remodel done has been released a bit. We had planned on painting the nursery on Saturday, but it felt so good just lying in bed and being lazy. We know that our lazy days are extremely numbered, with Micah due in only three weeks, so we decided to take advantage of a lazy day. That meant that instead of trying to paint the nursery and do other remodel odds and ends, we only did odds and ends (making a dump run, finding a good bedroom door (it's on order), texturing the nursery walls, and picking up our new glider chair).

It was a very enjoyable (and cooler weather!) weekend. I saw RENT at the Fifth Avenue Theater (my fifth time seeing the play! Can you tell it is my favorite?), we had the best steak tacos at our friend Mike's place Saturday night, and we got to babysit for Jon & Julia's adorable baby, Kaiden most of the day Sunday. Let's not forget that we got lots of quality time with our little Charlie dog, who I am sure will be in attention withdrawal once Micah is around.

Pregnancy wise, things are going great. Everything is normal and I am still feeling great. I have just been very focused on work and getting my class ready. My long term sub, Jodi, has been wonderful already and volunteered at our Camp Kindergarten last week. We had a great group of students and hopefully it will ease my transition back to work in January. My hope it that Micah will be on time or a bit late so that I can squeeze in the first week of work, but we are basically ready for him if he does make an early arrival.

our current bounty from this year's garden

My pinterest projects for school

Hanging out with Skyler before she moves to Oregon!

Phil textured the walls in the nursery to be

Our new comfy chair for the nursery! I foresee lots of feedings, story times, and naps in that thing!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our New Lair

Phil and I worked hard this weekend! After making the fastest possible Ikea trip Friday evening (second trip in a week if you will recall), we spent all day Saturday assembling our new closet, bathroom sink vanities, extra storage towers and medicine cabinets. We made a trip to Home Depot, two trips to the hardware store yesterday, and an additional trip today. This morning we did the seemingly endless back and forth between the old bedroom and bathroom to the new bedroom and bathroom to relocate all of our toiletries, clothing, shoes, etc. We did some cleaning and managed to take showers in our new bathroom! Phil did all of the plumbing on his own, devised a system to get hanging rods in our closet, hung our new curtains, and carried all the heavy boxes. He disassembled our bed and I helped him move the mattress so that we are now officially moved into the new bat cave bedroom and will sleep in it tonight! Charlie loves it already. He loves the carpeted floor and the coziness of the place. I almost forgot! Phil also did more taping and mudding of the nursery so that we may be able to paint this week and move all the baby stuff in this next weekend! Woohoo! Things are really happening fast around here.
Phil doing all of the plumbing himself

Ikea building headquarters...I did a lot better this weekend since I started earlier in the day and it wasn't as hot out. It was still pretty warm though...notice Charlie keeping cool by our fan :-)

Adding shelves and drawers to the master closet

Filling the closet with our clothes, shoes, hats, and bags

Our new bathroom vanities and storage. We will be getting a large framed mirror for the wall and vanity lighting as well

So cool to have so much storage and have it be his and hers!

Charlie loves the new carpet and curtains

Bed and bedside table are in. Now we just need to get one more decorative curtain, some more lighting, trim work, etc.
Such an exciting weekend! To top it all off, our wonderful neighbors hosted a baby shower for us! We got to meet a bunch of our neighbors that we didn't really know and get to know others better. It was so sweet! It was also a gorgeous day and nice to get outside (and be forced away from organizing and cleaning). It is so hard to believe that Micah could come at any time now, but definitely is just weeks away! Only weeks! Crazy!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hydrangeas and all that good remodel stuff

I've noticed that hydrangeas are quiet the popular thing to blog about, so I've included my own photo here for you of our beautiful hydrangeas, that I finally this year brought into the house for a centerpiece and they do brighten up the inside of this crazy place!
Lots of other good things have been happening around here lately. Phil has made such great progress on a lot of "little" projects. We now have a shower head and handle in the master shower, a toilet in the master bedroom (a water saving dual flusher!), electrical outlets on the exterior of the house, installed pendant lights over the island, and added two coats of taping and mudding in the nursery to be.
Getting that nursery in shape

Electrical outlets up high for holiday lights!

The biggest update of the week is that we had carpet installed in the master bedroom!!! This means that we are working our way to living in our new bedroom! We intend to have baby sleep in the same room with us for the first weeks or months in a bassinet, so it is important to me that we be able to move into the bigger bedroom before baby comes. We just need to get a vanity, a closet system, and window dressings going and then we can move in.
Charlie absolutely loves the new carpet!
We made a huge trip to Ikea yesterday, but unfortunately they did not have everything we needed in stock, so we will be back next week too. I don't know what it is about me....I seem to have the patience of a thousand souls when it comes to working with children (and even their families), yet when it comes to putting together Ikea furniture, I can't help but cry at the first frustration! Thank goodness Phil was able to help me yesterday to get started. For some reason when I used the online planning tool for their closet system, it didn't register my measurement for the ceiling height, so Phil had to make some adjustments. Thank goodness he is so handy! Usually I just have to battle through my mental disadvantage when it comes to assembling ikea things, but being 8 months pregnant gives me a physical disadvantage too and we were working on assembly on the hottest day in Seattle all year! Let's just say there was a little blood, sweat, and tears involved. Ok...not so much blood, but you get the picture. Just trying to get up and down to pass Phil his tools in yesterday's heat and with my big belly was challenging enough! Ha! But....I'm not complaining!
A little modification for our Ikea closet system
More to tackle this week:

Brunch, a birthday, a wedding, and more

We've had such an enjoyable easy going summer here. It's the first summer that we've had to stick around town for and it's been nice. Here is a photo update on our non-remodel related activities:
At the dog park back when Cassie was in town. Charlie made a new friend.

Using our new stove to have friends over for brunch
Adorable Isaac loved playing with Charlie!

The big 3-0 birthday girl Jody, Chad, Krista, & Peter enjoying Phil's brunch

Celebrating Susan's birthday with her own homemade desserts!

Well, wasn't very good at that weekly tracking thing, but here's another one for the record books!
April & John get married! So pretty!

Friends since Semester at Sea 2003!