Friday, July 27, 2012

The Remodel continues (a.k.a Goodbye Wedgewood)

While it may not seem like it, the remodel does continue. Phil has been working on the tile in the master bathroom slowly, but surely. It is starting to look really good. He just has a few finishing touches with grouting and sealing that he plans on doing this weekend, so that next week we can order the carpet for our master bedroom and closet. I cannot wait to move into our new master. We are currently at the saving up for each big purchase part of this whole thing, so the carpet and the double vanity all at once may be a stretch, but we shall see. I did take on a few extra weeks of work this summer that will surely help.
A few small areas to still be grouted and sealed as marked by blue tape

Looks pretty professional to me!

That's a lot of work hours in that shower!
In other very sad news, we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous antique Wedgewood. I really did not want to give it up, but finally came down to the realization that we truly couldn't find anyone to repair it for a decent price (actually only one place even offered to come out and look at all...for about $300 for 15 minutes at that!). After our very concerned parents and grandmother had vocalized their concern about a month ago, we had turned off the gas to the house and had been back to microwave and no-cook meals (which of course, right in the last days of no stove, I found some great recipes for! Go figure!). We finally faced reality and went up to our local appliance store, Wiseman's, and picked out a brand new range. It was a very bitter sweet day yesterday when they delivered the new stove (Hallelujah! We can cook again and bake too!) and they wheeled away our wonderful old Wedgewood. I had really wanted to find a good home for it and had listed it on Craigslist, but it had no takers and we just really can't deal with storing that thing when we have too much crap in the garage as it is! Basically it's time to just cut our losses and not stress or dwell on what cannot be.
Until we meet again dear stove :-(

Our new beautiful we just have to finish the sides with extra cabinets and finagle a bit of "countertops" as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Showered with Love...again!

Already over a week ago, my wonderful Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law and friend Krista gave Micah and I an amazingly beautiful baby shower. It was such a relaxing Sunday at Krista's house in Woodinville with super delicious and gourmet food and great conversations with close friends and family. I continue to be overwhelmed by the amazing support network that Phil and I have established in this area and was happy to have lots of time to visit with everyone at the shower. Here are some of the Seattle shower highlights:
The first course of pastries

Cutest project for guests to do...write a word to go with the alphabet letter & make it personal! Can't wait to hang these in the nursery and then make a book out of them later!

Susan and my cousin, Diane, with the cutest photo wall of Phil & Ali baby pics!

The spectacular second course

Super yummy crepes

Cassie did a cute and thoughtful baby food demo on how easy it is to make it yourself

the proof

So happy that Phil's Aunts could both join us and that they made the trek from Oregon and Idaho!

Love these ladies! Shane, Ella, and Skyler

So thankful for the hard work Susan and Cassie put into the day

Cricket, Lisa, Jody, and I

Susan gave us Phil's old baby blanket and bear. So special!

Thanks for making such great friends in college, Anna! Krista, me, Anna, and Jenni.

Can you believe my mom made these cute little car seat toys!?

My mom also surprised me by making a car seat cover, and burp cloths, and a cute fabric container.

Anna made her yummy chocolate pops. My favorite!
 Even those who couldn't make it to the shower sent in some pretty awesome gifts!
Coming from a mom of a 2 year old, my friend Meghan gifted cute handmade burp cloths, a puzzle, and cleaning stuff!

I was so excited to get these handmade bay area sports gifts (a 49ers blanket & a Giants wet bag) from my cousin, Lynette!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Micah's First Photoshoot

Phil & I never did any engagement photo session, so we decided to make up for it with a maternity session. It felt kind of funny having a photographer lead us around/follow us around for a few hours one evening last week, but it was also kind of awesome. We heard of Kerry through our friends, Krista & Peter, and she was a very cool person who mostly photographs young kids, so she was excited to be able to do an evening session that was past most of her clients bedtimes. We headed down to Lincoln Park and tried to catch the sunset, but were a bit too early. Still, she got some awesome shots and provided us with a great sneak peak that you can find here:
Kerry was super sweet to say the following about us: "It was an amazingly beautiful evening, but this couple outshone anything in the sky.  They are so in love and obviously excited to welcome their baby boy in September.  Just don’t ask them to agree on a football team to root for — hopefully the baby won’t have to choose sides.  ;-)" I'm sure we will be purchasing more photos from the session and will share with you as soon as we can!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer = Balance

So, now that summer has joined us in the Pacific Northwest, we have found a sort of balance between work, the remodel, and play. Mostly we've been celebrating and spending time with family. After my amazing baby shower in California and time with great friends and family, my parents flew up here to celebrate Phil's graduation from his electrical apprenticeship! After the five year program (which Phil passed out of the first year...since he already had three+ years experience in San Diego and Coeur d'Alene) of three months on three months off of all day Friday classes, he did it! There were definitely times where we didn't know if he would stick with it, but he did and things are definitely looking good. Phil is now working on that job at UW, he gets a pay raise for becoming an official journeyman (even though he had passed the test earlier this year), and he has a "lead" position at work where he manages a couple of other guys.

Yea Phil! Congrats!
At the JATC apprenticeship graduation with our mothers
Is that a look of shock that he stuck with it or excitement for a pay increase?
My Dad also came out to support Phil at the dinner/graduation

Finally hosting people in our new kitchen! Phil's graduation brunch with my parents and Anna & Ryan

Papa Jay is ready for his own he is practicing with Isaac

The end of the brunch with Johanne and Krista, Isaac, & Peter

We are also celebrating Phil's mom, Susan, since she completed her year Culinary Program at Edmonds Community College. We always knew she is an amazing and natural baker, but she has become even more amazing and it sounds like she's learned a lot this year about production work and commercial baking among other things. It will be fun to see what she chooses to do now that the program is complete.

All while getting together with family, Phil has been tackling the tile in the master bathroom and making good progress (although it has definitely been Phil's nemesis). He is already almost done with rebuilding our neighbor, Cricket's fence. My parents helped tackle our weed situation and I've been out there for hours too. In an attempt to brighten up the closet in the room that will be the nursery and make it seem larger, I painted it white. It definitely did the trick and I can't wait to start putting shelving and hanging rods in there for all of the stuff we already have for Micah!
The orange mat is the in floor programmable heat

Cricket's fence in progress.


Phil's Gramma Lilly is usually on a fishing boat up in Alaska at this time (yes, she's about 85 and still does commercial fishing!). Well, this year things got off to a rocky start when her heart just didn't feel quite right and so they flew her back to Seattle to Swedish Hospital. Turns out she had a light heart attack and they put stints in her heart. She was a trooper through it all (you'd never know she had just been in a hospital) and we got to spend some quality time with her while she was in town. Phil's cousin Mark and his wife, Kristi, and their son, Marcus, happened to be in town (from Oregon) for the 4th of July and so we had everyone over. It still may be a remodel construction zone, but with such a nice kitchen we can host people again, which is so nice and we love to do it!
Charlie's so cute in the summer with his tongue hanging out all the time

Susan and Gramma Lilly in the garden

Phil & I, Gramma, Susan, and cousins Mark, Marcus, & Kristi

And finally, Phil and I took a little day trip last weekend and went to North Cascades National Park. We explored the dams and saw the big generators, went on a mini 2 mile "hike" around the visitors center, stared up at the amazing jagged glaciated mountains, oooed and aaahhhed at beautiful waterfalls, and stuck our feet in one of the lakes. Thus we found some balance in our lives with family, celebrations, remodel work, and exploring a new place again.
Explorer mode

My handsome hubster

Phil took this awesome shot of the waterfall

cold water relief to my aching feet!

Holy cow! If I didn't think I looked that pregnant, my shadow tells me a different story!