Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Primer, Texture, & Paint...Oh my!

It's hard to believe, but the whole "new" area of the house has been totally taped, mudded, primed, and textured and now Phil & Susan are painting away! Last weekend Phil and I went to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint colors. We are going with an off white in the kitchen & living room, a dark gray in our master bedroom, a lighter gray in the other two bedrooms, and a very light gray in the bathrooms. While lots of gray may sound boring, I plan to get lots of color in the decor and have fun with it (once the budget will allow!). We also looked at picking out our carpet and counter tops this weekend. I thought we were going to order our cabinets on Monday, but Kristi at Home Depot told us to wait until tomorrow (hopefully!) since they extended the sale and Home Depot is coming out with a 10% savings coupon. Score!

Debating the right white

Polar Bear or Creamy

All four grays...and Cal snuck in (we got to dog-sit for the weekend)

carpet choices

real walls!

Phil with the dogs...poor Charlie was up all night Saturday totally sick. Worst noises I've ever heard. Felt so bad for the poor guy. Luckily no vet trip was needed and he is back to feeling good. Cal was a trooper for putting up with it all.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting close to ordering cabinets!

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. Phil has been hard at work on getting that sheet rock up. He is done with the whole "new" part of the house (the kitchen, pantry, laundry, master bed & bath) and has finished most of the living room. Now he just has some patch work in our two front bedrooms and some work on our living room ceiling. He's set up some guys to come in this week to tape and mud and texture the whole back area, which they say will take about ten days. Then they will have to come back for phase two to tape and mud and texture the whole front of the house (which means we will be calling one of you for a place to stay for a few days!).

Today we had a big day of thinking about the house. We met with Tony, our architect, because he is also super helpful with interior design. He wanted to see the progress on the house too and so stopped by for a couple hours. We made some good plans for things like flooring and design for our master bathroom (he helped us stick with a craftsman theme and have it flow throughout the whole house). He gave us some names of companies to look at for tile and granite. I'm not feeling as overwhelmed about decision making, even though it is still going to be tough to find the right white paint and the perfect gray paint colors. The agenda is panning out like this: Tapers & Mudders here, then hardwood floors & carpet & laminate install, paint, cabinets, trim, decorate & dress windows!

We also met with Kristi at Home Depot who is working with us on ordering cabinets from American Woodmark Co. She is so easy to work with and so super helpful. It has really been a nice experience with her helping us and I am so pleasantly surprised since I was not looking forward to having to go through a big box store like Home Depot. The cabinets we are going with are all made in America and are all made with plywood, not with particle board. Kristi made a 3D model on the computer for us of what it is going to look like and it looks so awesome! I am so excited again about our house! We are still figuring out if we can really afford the whole thing, but it seems possible and there are some pretty great deals through American Woodmark Co. right now.

Here are a few pics of Phil's dry wall work and also of the 3D kitchen design!
sheet rock around base of chimney (still needs nice wood ledge)

getting ready for tapers and mudders
the 3D version of our kitchen to be!

our beverage station

view with the island