Friday, December 21, 2012

Three months old!

I will probably start each monthly update this way, but I can't believe how much he's grown already!
This month Micah has:
  • Started teething (no teeth poking through but he puts his fists and our fingers in his mouth and drools a ton!)
  • Gotten really strong when lifting up his head
  • Discovered his hands and feet and studies them curiously
  • Gained more control over his hands and even starts to try to reach out and touch things
  • Developed the cutest laugh to go along with his loveable smiles
  • Gathered an array of talking sounds, but ah-goo is still most common
  • Become even more friendly with strangers who love to peek at him
  • Stared and stared at familiar faces with his big wide eyes
  • Had a handful of nights sleeping in his bassinet!
  • Started to like being swaddled again (right now the combination of swaddling, heating the bassinet with a heating pad, and turning on white noise of rain and fan help get him to sleep in it)
  • Nurses to sleep unless he's in the Ergo carrier being rocked to sleep
  • Had his first bottle from his Daddy (too bad Mommy didn't have enough milk stocked up!)
  • Clearly shown disinterest in all forms of pacifiers
  • Slept many nights for five hours at a time
  • Slept many nights for one to two hours at a time
all smiles!

this is his most common look

My little laugher

Really mom? Another photo!

What is this thing?

Proof that I'm teething!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog <3 this is SUCH a cute little baby! that third picture, awwww <3


  2. You're welcome! Thank you!


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