Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lust in the Junction (a.k.a. Window shopping!)

So, I packed up the kid in the Ergo carrier and hiked up the hill for my 1 pm eye doctors appointment the other day. Only trouble was that I had a 2 pm appointment! Last week I canceled my appointment because the kid was still napping. I originally had my appointment scheduled for September but cancelled since I figured the pregnancy was probably doing funky unusual things to my eyes anyway. So I began to wonder if I ever would make it to the appointment (I did and wore Micah on me the whole time)!

With my unexpected extra hour to spare, I wandered around The Junction and window shopped. There are so many cute things! I wish I had a larger budget for gift giving and decorating this year ( + remodel do not equal large budget)! I thought I'd share with you some of the items I began to lust after!

I first ventured into Capers; a home, entertaining, and gift store.
Who wouldn't love these fuzzy felt animals hung on their tree?

As a world traveler, I'm a sucker for map art

Such simple, yet beautiful ornaments! And the wood just says simply natural.
I can't wait to replace our reddish orange sofa that's lived through the remodel with a nice white couch or two like this.

Again, loving the fuzzy wool ornaments.

Next, I entered Fleurt. I wish I could show you the inside, but I got scolded for taking photos inside. They are a fully functioning florist, but their gift shop is to die for! Super cute wreaths, little terrariums, soaps, lotions, jewelry, and more.

You can tell what a cute and unique place it is just from the outside!

A trip to the Junction isn't complete without ogling over something fancy from Click! Design that Fits.
Love map art, especially when it's local and meaningful.

While the price tag is beyond ouchy ($18 each!), these placemats are so awesome!

So, it may not be the prettiest decor, but these extra large bean bags are so comfy!

And I finally stopped in City Mouse, a full service portrait photography studio and gift shop. They had this super cute outfit that I would love to see Micah in!
Thanks for walking the Junction with me! Hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to see more of this type of post, let me know! If you'd rather I stick to things around our house, let me know too!

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