Monday, November 19, 2012

Honey Do List

Poor Phil. He works. He comes home. Showers. Grabs a quick snack. Then it's hold the baby and diaper duty time until he goes to bed, where he gets some sleep before back to work. Yes, he enjoys hanging with Micah, but it's still exhausting.

Poor me. I'm on diaper duty all night and day. I get to hear every time that Micah cries. I have to stare at our unfinished remodel all day every day. Ok, so I'm totally just kidding about the first two poor me's as I love everything about taking care of our little guy. What I haven't been enjoying is staring at all these unfinished projects and items that I bought at Ikea when Micah was only three weeks old. I had been super hesitant to say anything about them though since Phil worked his butt off for a whole year working on this house and I completely couldn't blame him for getting burnt out. I wished that I had the know how and ability to do some of the easier projects myself, but even if I did, I would have a hard time trying to do them between shuffling baby around (since he has to be held when he is sleeping and I feel too guilty leaving him to his awesome self for too long when he is awake). Well, who knows what got into Phil this weekend, but he got a huge second wind and began chipping away at my honey do list. He finally installed the return air vent so that we don't have to cover it with our old school boom box or trip over the vent sitting above ground. He hung the photo that I had made onto a canvas for Micah's room. Phil hung a lamp in our bedroom, mirrors in our bathroom, coat/towel racks in the bathroom and by the back door, a dowel in our pantry for winter coats (which he even spray painted), and the all so necessary magazine rack for bathroom reading pleasure. It was very exciting! He even made a goal to patch the dry wall in the last room and tape and mud before we have guests come for Christmas!

Random thoughts from the past week:
  • Seattle area traffic royally sucks. I'm sorry. It has to be said. Who ever heard of rush hour starting at 3pm!? Who ever heard of a rush hour at 1pm on Saturday!? Always! Ug!
  • Love that Micah lights up with smiles all the time when he is awake now. 
  • Love that Micah likes spending time with his daddy now.
  • Gas stations are the best places to pull over to feed a little baby (not cheap hotels).
  • Strangers are very complementary about how cute the baby is, yet still can't tell if he is a boy or a girl
  • Five year olds like to jump on bandwagons too (Micah and I visited my school and students who i had never met scurried to give us hugs along with those kids who miss me, their old teacher). Some kids were surprised to see me skinny. Some were surprised that I already had my baby. One of the first graders who I had back in June wanted to know if I even remembered him! I got a good laugh at that one. Ask me again in 10 years kid...maybe not, but 4 months later, a big YES!
  • Red lights and traffic have never been so long! Come on people! Can't you tell I have a screaming baby here!
  • Chiropractic and massage therapy are amazing, yet it seems as though every other week is not frequent enough for a breastfeeding mama.
  • Incisions suck. Infected incisions suck more.
  • Bath time is fun!
  • Running a quick errand is no longer quick.
  • Having a family of our own is even better than expected. Nothing else matters but the three of us (ok..four...I'll count Charlie too.)
  • We have the world's weirdest dog! He has to eat his food bit by bit on a carpet and he doesn't like to pee or poop in the rain (quite the predicament when living here in Seattle!).
Pat and Dawna: awesome coworkers and Micah's McGramma's!

Loving Daddy time!

mirrors galore!

Do you like to read on "the pot"?

new light

love the expedits from Ikea for Micah's "drawers"

towel rack found at Second Use. Yea for salvaged materials!
Thanks Kerry B Photography for an awesome photo!

 Can't believe Micah turns 2 months on Wednesday! Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


  1. If Phil gets bored with projects at your home in West Seattle, we can always find something for him to repair here in San Carlos :-)


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