Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Blog Give Away and more!

Micah is already seven weeks old! This week was pretty low key. Micah still seems to be getting more interactive. In the last few days he has started to let Phil hold him and interact with him. When we do Face Time with our parents and siblings, Micah stares at the screen and even smiles when they talk to him. This week we had the best night of sleep (5 hours straight and then 5 more total!) and the worst night of sleep (waking and feeding every hour and a half or so). It seems like Micah is either fighting off a cold (he sounds a bit congested and has begun a little cough noise here and there) or he is going through a growth spurt (or both).
Did I mention that it feels like winter here already!? Micah looks so cozy in his little bear outfit!
Check out this video that Phil took while I was napping! So stinking cute!

This week we went to our mommy/baby class, ran errands (grocery store all by our selves), Pizza dinner with Anna and another friend from Semester at Sea, neighborhood walks, the mall in Bellevue with Krista and Isaac, Isaac's house (which is all the way in Woodinville and required us to stop in Mercer Island at a gas station to feed even though we fed right before we left the house since we couldn't stand to have Micah screaming all the way there!), met Jaime, and we also made it to the dog park for the first time!
Mini SAS reunion!

Jaime meets Micah!

On Saturday I hosted a Shutterfly More the Merry party and got to help Johanne and Susan start a photo book. Because I was selected to host this party, Shutterfly sent a package of goodies including codes for free photo books. Since not many people were able to attend, I am going to do my first give away on my blog! If you are one of the first ten people to give me some love and comment on this blog post, you will win a free 8 x 8 photo book with Shutterfly! I have used Shutterfly for years now and have made some pretty awesome books for myself and as gifts as well as calendars and other gift items. Check them out!
Johanne working away on her first photo book!

Thanks Shutterfly!
P.S. I'm working on revamping the blog, so please if you have ideas and suggestions, do tell! Also, check out the new pages that you can click on below the heading!


  1. Oh Micah is adorable! Such a cutie! I wish I could have attended one of those fun Shutterfly parties! That sounds so fun!

  2. Wish I could have been at the party. Loved the video of Phil and Micha. What a personality already!

  3. Yippee! I'm number 3! That sounds like a fun party to have. I love shutterfly photo books, in fact, I was thinking of making a mini one of the leaf pics I took with Kendall. Glad to hear you and Micah are doing so well--I'm really impressed with how ambitious you are at getting out and about. I always felt so home bound---way to go Ali!

  4. Wow sounds like a grat deal for me...also sounds like a great christmas gift for my wife, she would love a photo book of her puppy Buoy! (our little english bulldog)...

    1. When can I see that adorable little guy? Let me know when you are heading towards San Francisco (other than Thanksgiving). I remember a video of Will talking that same way.

      I hope I qualify for Shutterfly. Grandpa Jay introduced me to these books almost 3 years ago!!

      xxoo Great, great, auntie ginny

  5. Hi all,
    Hopefully those above received their Shutterfly codes! The codes expire December 10th so don't delay!

  6. By now, there must be a name for babies who grow up communicating with people via videoconferencing. Though, nothing beats the experience of holding Micah. We can't wait for the Thanksgiving family experience. We will all take turns holding Micah and I will of course create another Micah Shutterfly photo book.

    Micah's Papa

  7. Love hearing all about what's happening with your fam, thanks so much for sharing :)
    Can't wait to see you & Phil and meet Micah on Thanksgiving!

  8. This is a great Blog Ali!! Love all your posts and pictures!

  9. I wanted to give a little blog love to you and your adorable family. Love seeing pix! (ps. Please give the prize to the 11th commenter!) ;)

  10. Thanks for commenting everyone! Because people seemed to be having issues with this comments section, I counted comments made on Facebook for the give away and so they are all out. I hope to fix the commenting problem and do the next give away the right way! Don't forget if you received a code to use it soon as it expires in early December!


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