Monday, October 22, 2012

One Whole Month Already!

It's so hard to believe that Phil & I have been parents for a whole month already! I know they say that it all flies by so quickly and they grow up so fast, but I never realized the truth to the cliches before now. It truly feels as though I have blinked and one day I was in the hospital and the next we are celebrating Micah's first month birthday (and yes, I know, the days and years to come will go by even faster and he will be 21 before we know it). This month has been so wonderful as we have this new blessing and addition to our lives, we have gotten to be surrounded by family and good friends who have been nothing but helpful, and we are challenging ourselves as a couple. Phil was Super Nurse and Super Dad in the first two weeks that he took off from work. Not to say that he hasn't continued in those roles (he has), but now that he is back to work we have begun to realize the give and take/push and pull of parenting. We are making it just fine and realize that these early stages of parenting will make our relationship stronger, yet we definitely have begun to see how easy it is to let parenting slowly let the relationship fade since it is so easy to both feel like you are the one doing more work (bringing home the bacon at a job or at home changing diapers and feeding all day). As we try to figure out exactly why Micah is crying each time or as someone forgets to grab the extra diaper or the blanket, we are determined to remain helpful and respectful of each other. Our friends Krista and Peter (parents of a 10 month old) have warned us that anything you say to each other after 9:30pm does not count and must be erased from memory the next morning. We are starting to see why!

Life with Micah is still nice. I am adjusting to the slower pace of life still, but have started to wear Micah around the house in the Baby Katan (basically it's an easier version of the Moby wrap...which is basically a sling) while doing chores and using the computer, etc. Today I managed to make dinner while wearing him!

Micah at One Month:
  • Micah is definitely getting bigger already! At his one month doctors appointment he measured 22 inches long (90th percentile!) and is already 10 lbs 6 oz (75th percentile!). I knew he was eating well, but didn't know he was doing that well!
  • Micah still does not have a set schedule of any kind. I am on his schedule and that's ok at this age. In a month or two we will attempt some sleep training, but for now I am happily at his every whim. He had been sleeping two to two and a half hours at a time and has gotten up to three and a half hours at a time, however last night it seemed like he only slept for an hour and a half at a time and just wanted to eat, eat, eat (probably another growth spurt). 
  • He loves his "animal friends", as I call them. They are lovely thick black and white flash cards. We have the wild animal cards and now we also have the sea creature cards (thanks to Auntie Beth who saw how much Micah loves these cards!). He lays there on his changing table and just coos and squeals at them and seems to already carry on whole conversations. The cards are nice because they keep him calm and entertained and they are mobile so I've stuffed a couple in the diaper bag and placed a few in the bassinet.
  • Shame on us, but he is still mostly "cosleeping" with us very carefully in the bed. Yes, we understand that it is not recommended, but we hear lots of people do it regardless and we are being very careful. Micah just will not sleep as long in the bassinet and it is extremely difficult to get him to even go in there.
  • While he fights being swaddled, the swaddles do help him sleep for longer periods of time.
  • Micah smiles more, but it still does not seem to be reaction to us or to anything interesting yet.
  • In just the last few days he lets us enter into staring contests with him. It's so sweet to stare into each other's eyes, but he is not yet following if we move away.
  • He's finally had his first bath! While I was pretty nervous about it (I know...silly me!), I ended up  loving bathtime and can't wait to do it again.
  • We've started doing "tummy time" with him so that he can practice strengthening his neck muscles. At first he didn't like it, but it seems to be growing on him. 
  • Our current challenge is that none of his hats seem to fit quiet right and I can't get his socks to stay on (he moves his little legs and feet so much that he ends up kicking them right off!).
  • He has been on many adventures this month as previously documented (breweries, restaurants, grocery store, and this week was his first pumpkin patch!)
Micah talking to his "animal friends"
There's a smile!
1st bath time!
Lots of car rides already!

On his activity mat after doing some tummy time

Haha! 1st Pumpkin Patch!

One happy family!
What a difference a year makes! 2011: Krista just pregnant & me joking about being preggo with a pumpkin under my shirt. 2012: Krista and Isaac (10 months old!) and Me and Micah (one month!).

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  1. I wish we lived closer! I want to be with you guys right now and get some snuggle time with Micah! suggestion for the socks is get a pair of robeez shoes or boots---they were the bet investment we've made so far with clothing! I bought a size too big and she wore them from Oct-April! And they STAY ON---amazing! And I love the smile picture I think he looks like you there, and the sleeping on below it looks like Phil (go figure huh!?--like father like son!). I love your blog updates---=keep um comin'!


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