Monday, October 29, 2012

Micah's World Series Week

The end of Week 5 and beginning of Week 6 are beginning to prove a bit frustrating. Micah has become more fussy and is not sleeping as much as he probably should. I still can't get him to sleep in his bassinet either, which is also super frustrating. Luckily the sock problem seems to have been solved, as he got a gift from Sarah, Dave, Charlotte, & Porter of these little things called Sock-Ons! Genius!
Life savers!
Last week was full of love and fun for Micah. His Papa Jay came to stay with us Tuesday through Saturday and so Micah got lots of quality time with Papa who smothered him in love and kisses. My dad was very helpful doing dishes, cooking a couple dinners, treating us to take out Chinese (in true Strauss family fashion) and a happy hour out. He even helped upgrade us to a decent (ok, beyond decent) sized TV so we could watch the World Series and not have to guess what the score said (we are talking 18 inch to 55 inch screens!)! It was super nice to be able to watch our San Fransisco Giants in another World Series and I'm thankful that I got to watch with my dad. Micah is a lucky kid! I had to wait 27 years before the Giants won a World Series and my dad had to wait 50+ years before they won one! Micah seems to be good luck for the team! It was an awesome series and we are still celebrating the sweep!
Micah thinks his Papa is pretty cool!

Thanks to Dad, i got a bit of uninterrupted sleep at the start of each night!

Micah is still smiling about the Giants win!

We also took Micah to his first Halloween party over the weekend. He seemed to enjoy it for the most part, but he did get fussy on and off. He looked super cute in his (oversized) pumpkin costume. Fussiness included, he is certainly our little Pumpkin and we love love love him!
Our little Pumpkin

With Shane & Ella

We can still smile through the crying...most of the time anyways!

Happy Halloween and Yea Giants!!!
Now if I can just figure out how to heal these muscles near my incision....

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