Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Micah's Brewery Tour at Three Weeks and more...

Last week was our last full week of visitors for a while. Jen stayed with us Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we made an epic trip to Ikea with Micah. I say epic because it took us 6 hours! Why 6 hours, you ask? Because I had to feed Micah twice, change him twice, they had free lunch in their cafe if you spent over $100, and we had to also have our free soft serve for joining Ikea Family Membership. Micah did really well for most of the trip, but he started to get fussy a bit before the warehouse section and so there I was holding him and pushing the empty stroller while Jen tried to manage our loaded shopping cart of smaller items and the flat cart of our two bookshelves at the same time. It was a very difficult task for Jen and I'm sure we looked quiet ridiculous, but we got the job done. Loading the car home was even more ridiculous and humorous as I didn't really account for the fact that we now have to factor in the car seat and stroller to all shopping trips. Needless to say, we did manage to fit everything in the Suburu, even though the car seat was probably a little askew and the stroller almost prevented Jen from shifting gears! After such an eventful Monday, we took it easy on Tuesday at home before she had to go to the airport. It was wonderful to have Jen with us as she was very helpful. She was a rock-star at burping Micah (I am still working on it...not my strong suit as a mom yet).

I was a bit nervous to be on my own for the first time since Phil went back to work last week, but it turns out I still didn't really have to be alone for long periods of time. Gramma Susan came to help out and hang out with Micah on Wednesday and Friday, and Krista and Isaac joined us on Thursday. Isaac was very entertaining as usual, crawling around, almost walking, trying to get to every dangerous looking item in our house (like uncovered electrical outlets), protecting his face from Charlie (who loved licking him!), and even trying to touch Micah. Krista was so nice and brought over bagels and even cooked a yummy quinoa, tofu, veggie mix meal for us! I am appreciative of her company and especially for all her good mommy advice.
Micah's first play date with Isaac!

Krista cookin up some yumminess while Micah sleeps

Finally, on Friday night, my brother and sister-in-law came from Denver to meet Micah. It was so sweet seeing them as Auntie Beth and Uncle Ben. I've never been able to picture my little annoying brother as a dad, but after seeing him hold Micah, I have no doubts that Ben will make an amazing dad (whenever they go down that road...no pressure!). They were really awesome house guests and totally spoiled us. Ben took out our trash/recycle/compost, picked up Charlie's poop, and did the dishes, while Beth cooked us three gourmet meals a day! I wish I had taken a picture of each meal that Beth cooked as each dish looked almost as good as they tasted. We were treated to pancakes, cinnamon pull apart bread, and nutella pumpkin bread for breakfasts. We were spoiled with a yummy asian peanut sauce pasta with butternut squash potstickers, meatballs and a spicy pasta, butternut squash burgers with a rice veggie salad, and more! She even made homemade chocolate chip cookies with a chewy consistency that I've never managed. The most amazing part was that she made all of these amazing meals on top of our outings each day! Phil needed a break from working (and from working on the house), so we did what most crazy parents do with three week old babies, go on a brewery tour! On Saturday we went to the Georgetown Brewery and the Fremont Brewery and on Sunday we fit in Pike's Brewery since we took Auntie Beth to Pike's Market and downtown since it was her first time visiting us here in Seattle! Needless to say, we super appreciate all that Ben and Beth did during their stay. I just hope they will come back soon, since getting peed on and projectile spit up on don't really encourage return trips soon.

Uncle Ben with Micah

Ben, Phil, and the babies

Nice to get along with my brother now and even nicer to have him as Micah's Uncle

Beth in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Had to put Micah in his Denver shirt for Auntie Beth & Uncle Ben. Also, isn't this hat sooo adorable!? Thanks Skyler's mom!

We meet again wheat beer. Yes, that is me feeding Micah at the brewery with a beer in my hand!

Yes, this is Beth feeding Ben beer with Micah in hand at Georgetown Brewery

Cute Auntie & Uncle. Like the t-shirt Beth made for Ben?!
Micah's first trip to Pike's Market. Here he is in the wrap Phil is wearing
So, baby jeans are the cutest, right!?

This is a common sight in our household. Micah on "my breast friend" pillow feeding or sleeping & me on the IPad.
Micah at Three Weeks:
  • He is getting so strong so soon! His head doesn't flail as much (he is already holding it up a lot), his arms and feet push off against our bodies with force, and he looks as if rolling over is not too far away already! 
  • He is beginning to make cute little babbling noises, which leads us to believe he is going to be a talker (as if his parents weren't enough indication!). 
  • It has completely surprised me, but Micah already has begun wanting his Mommy! A few times already, he has become extremely upset only to be consoled by being in my arms. It made sense when he did this after being in his car seat, but I felt sad when Phil had him and he stopped crying as soon as he was in my arms (and both times he immediately fell asleep). I know he will learn to love his daddy, but I wish it would happen soon!
  • He loves his black and white animal cards that I put up next to his changing table. He loves to stare and stare at them. We hate to pick him up after diaper changes since he is so entranced! Sometimes I've seen Phil just standing there watching Micah watching the animal cards. It's so cute!

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