Sunday, October 7, 2012

Micah at Two Weeks!

Two weeks old and Micah has gotten to meet lots of important people in his life.
Meeting Anna, one of Mommy's besties!

Cousins Julien & Mark visit too

Nana Joyce stayed longer than Papa and took the first shift at night watching Micah

Uncle Andrew

Aunt Cassie

The Vrbas/Thomson fam

Uncle Alan

Auntie Jen
Stephanie visited all the way from Montana!

Uncle Mikey stopped by for a peek too
He also got to meet Mommy & Daddy's friends Krista, Peter, & Isaac; cousin Johanne, & neighbor Cricket!

His outings so far (that he mostly slept through) include:
  • the OB's office (circumcision time)
  • the Pediatricians office 3 times! (normal first visit & then 2 extra visits to check up on his poor little wee wee that was inflamed after the circ. That was scary!)
  • Almost daily walks in our neighborhood
  • Trip to Pioneer Coffee on Alki
  • Car ride so Mommy and Daddy could run a couple errands  
  • Trip to the chiropractor's so Mommy could get her massage and adjustment
  • Dinner at Jak's Grill (a whole dinner with no fussing!)

Since Phil took the last two weeks off to help out with Micah (and to lift things since I'm supposed to take it easy and recover from this C Section), he was able to do a lot of work on the house. Phil taped & mudded, textured, and painted the whole living room! When our brother-in-law, Andrew, was in town, the two guys put up a temporary fence so that I can let Charlie out without dealing with the leash and trying to finagle baby, dog, and my incision at the same time. So far it is working out great and Charlie loves his new found freedom. At first he didn't know what to do and just sat by the back door, but now he has found the highest spot in the yard and looks like a lion overlooking his pride and the entire savannah. Speaking of Charlie, he has been the best "big brother" to Micah! He gently sniffs him and licks his feet (if we let him) and is very protective already. If Micah cries and we don't attend to him instantly, Charlie lets us know with a little bark.
painted and with such an awesome entertainment center ;-)

the new fence

Protective brother Charlie and Micah share Dad's lap!

Charlie on the ramp by the back door not knowing what to do

Paint on the ear...small casualty of painting the living room

Jen & Phil helped me put up the super cute alphabet cards that were made at my Seattle shower

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  1. I LOVE these updates! Hope to see that precious baby soon! You guys look great!


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