Monday, September 17, 2012

Waiting for Baby this Rosh Hashana

I know this is an old video, but I still love it. It truly captures the essence of Rosh Hashana and makes me lick my lips and feel like I can taste the apples and honey. I cannot believe we made it to Rosh Hashana and still little Micah has yet to appear. This Jewish New Year brings such amazing and incredible anticipation of great things to come. I have never been filled with so much excitement and pure awe at the beginning of a new year. Both my work and personal lives are so full with great things for the coming year. Of course we can not wait for Micah's first year of life and then on the work front, my class is changing from a half day Kindergarten and an intervention program in the afternoon to one full day Kindergarten class which will provide a lot more flexibility and greater opportunity for the students. Phil and I attended our first High Holiday services last night at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, our first service as official members, and the service only lasted about an hour and a half, so it looks like things are truly looking up in Phil's world this year as well!

We have been keeping as busy as possible while Micah remains comfy in this big ol' uterus of mine. Last weekend, the weekend of his due date, we walked around Edmond's Farmers Market with Phil's mom and walked around the Woodland Park Zoo for hours. I worked all week, except for two half days in which I had doctors appointments. I have truly still been feeling amazing. Sure my skin has been feeling a bit stretched and my feet get a little sore, but what pregnant lady could go without that?!  On Wednesday night, I had a scary fall while taking Charlie out. He dashed out the door while on leash and I hadn't been paying much attention and so my instinct was to take off after him and hang on to the leash, which didn't end so pretty. Luckily I fell on my side (completely protecting the baby bump) and only scraped my elbow and earned a few annoying slivers in the palms of my hand (thanks to falling in the comfort of all of our bark and decorative grasses). Thankfully, I was fine and Phil took good care of me spending ten minutes with the tweezers removing said slivers. Now I truly realize why my Gramma is so afraid of's not fun!

This weekend, at week 41 of pregnancy, we began to get a bit more antsy since I don't think we've ever gone this long with absolutely no plans ahead of time. We decided to knock off a few things on our to do list before baby comes and also decided to tempt fate a little to see just what might induce this labor. We went to see a real movie in a real movie theater (first one in probably two years), took a ferry to Bainbridge Island for a fun day trip and drove the long way back home to see places like Bremerton and Gig Harbor, walked around Greenlake (about 3 miles), walked around the Car Show up in the Junction, and made it to Rosh Hashana services. All this and still no Micah. I now have doctor's appointments every three days so that they can check on fluid levels and his heartbeat and all that good stuff. It is looking more and more like Phil will either get to share his birthday with Micah or may even have his birthday before Micah's!

Thanks for bearing with the long scripted stories. I promise to have lots and lots more photos as soon as Micah arrives! L'Shana Tova everyone!

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