Monday, September 3, 2012

Successful Boat Cruise at 38 Weeks

Julien, Caden, &I

Last weekend was my cousin Julien's Bar Mitzvah, right here in Seattle. It was great to have all of our friends and family come into town one last time before baby Micah's arrival. The weekend was jam packed with festivities. Friday night after services (a rockin klezmer style band at temple), we got to go back to Mark, Johanne, and Julien's to celebrate Barb & Diane's 50th Birthday! I stole an idea off of Pinterest and made them Over the Hill Survival kits that were pretty fun. They included things like "Oil of old age" and "Act 2 Popcorn". 
Saturday morning was Julien's big Bar Mitzvah service and he did really well. He shared the service with another Bar Mitzvah boy, but they both did a lot of work and chanted the Hebrew really nicely. I especially liked both of the prayers given by each set of parents. I wasn't the only one with tears streaming happily during their very personalized prayers. We enjoyed the Oneg after services at the temple and then relaxed a bit at home before heading to the party on an Argosy Cruise out on Elliot Bay! I wasn't really sure if getting on a boat at 38 weeks pregnant was the best idea, but since Mark is a Doctor, Johanne is a nurse, and there was an ER OB on board as well....and Julien promised they would turn the boat around for me if need be, I decided to get on board. Plus, I felt really good with no signs of early labor, so we went and had a great time. 
I hope that in 13 years or so, our family will all be back in town for another awesome Bar Mitzvah weekend, but we won't make any decisions for Micah just yet. ;-)

Barb opening her Over the Hill Survival Kit
Diane opening her Survival Kit

The birthday girls big birthday celebration

Bar Mitzvah day: Julien can't quiet maintain a serious face

I love this one! The Seattle family

The Strauss/Sobotka crew with the Bar Mitzvah boy

I love this photo! Aunt Leigh, Gramma, & Dad

Phil & I and our mamas!

38 Weeks! Awesome Seattle day

Let's just say that Micah got lots of attention all weekend long


  1. Hard to believe that the little guy is only 4 days away from his due date. Have a wonderful week Ali!

    xoxoxoxo and ilytwww


  2. you are the most incredibly gorgeous pregnant lady I've ever seen! AMAZING that he's almost here and you are still dressing nice and doing your hair and make up! Glad to see things are coming along nicely in all areas of life. Sooooo looking forward to seeing micah in person some day.


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