Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prepping the Nursery & Enjoying Our Last Days Just The Two Of Us

About a week ago, Phil painted the nursery and we put up the curtains from Ikea (that still need to be hemmed). I put away Micah's clothes and toys and things into the nursery as best as I could. Charlie was adorable staring at Micah's toys and rolling all over his carpet. Jen & Alan were here this weekend and put together the crib, even though baby is going to sleep in our bedroom in the bassinet first.

A very patient Charlie drooling over Micah's toys

Micah's nursery...more to come

Isaac came over to play again

Phil entertaining Peter

Auntie Jen is so crafty...here she is knitting something for Micah!

Auntie Jen made this special welcome bag for Micah and his parents

Auntie Jen & Uncle Alan putting together the crib. Can't you just see Micah looking back on this photo when he is 10 or 15?

Awesome Labor Day Weekend in Seattle with my "twin" (& yes, that's my belly at 39 weeks!)

Squeezed in a Mariners/Red Sox game thanks to Mark & Julien

All remodel projects were not forgotten. Phil finished the gate on Cricket's fence!

Went to the doctor today and everything is looking good. Micah is still kicking and moving like crazy, so we'll see when he decides to show up! Could be any day or a little less than three weeks away! Now that I have made it to the first days of school, met my students, earned my extra sick days for when I return, and got a good start to the year, I feel as ready to meet this little guy as I'll ever be!

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