Friday, July 27, 2012

The Remodel continues (a.k.a Goodbye Wedgewood)

While it may not seem like it, the remodel does continue. Phil has been working on the tile in the master bathroom slowly, but surely. It is starting to look really good. He just has a few finishing touches with grouting and sealing that he plans on doing this weekend, so that next week we can order the carpet for our master bedroom and closet. I cannot wait to move into our new master. We are currently at the saving up for each big purchase part of this whole thing, so the carpet and the double vanity all at once may be a stretch, but we shall see. I did take on a few extra weeks of work this summer that will surely help.
A few small areas to still be grouted and sealed as marked by blue tape

Looks pretty professional to me!

That's a lot of work hours in that shower!
In other very sad news, we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous antique Wedgewood. I really did not want to give it up, but finally came down to the realization that we truly couldn't find anyone to repair it for a decent price (actually only one place even offered to come out and look at all...for about $300 for 15 minutes at that!). After our very concerned parents and grandmother had vocalized their concern about a month ago, we had turned off the gas to the house and had been back to microwave and no-cook meals (which of course, right in the last days of no stove, I found some great recipes for! Go figure!). We finally faced reality and went up to our local appliance store, Wiseman's, and picked out a brand new range. It was a very bitter sweet day yesterday when they delivered the new stove (Hallelujah! We can cook again and bake too!) and they wheeled away our wonderful old Wedgewood. I had really wanted to find a good home for it and had listed it on Craigslist, but it had no takers and we just really can't deal with storing that thing when we have too much crap in the garage as it is! Basically it's time to just cut our losses and not stress or dwell on what cannot be.
Until we meet again dear stove :-(

Our new beautiful we just have to finish the sides with extra cabinets and finagle a bit of "countertops" as well.

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  1. So was a really cool stove :( The new one looks pretty sweet though. Nice work on the tile Phil---every shower you take in there you'll feel so proud of that hard labor (and be so thankful you are done with it!)


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