Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Showered with Love...again!

Already over a week ago, my wonderful Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law and friend Krista gave Micah and I an amazingly beautiful baby shower. It was such a relaxing Sunday at Krista's house in Woodinville with super delicious and gourmet food and great conversations with close friends and family. I continue to be overwhelmed by the amazing support network that Phil and I have established in this area and was happy to have lots of time to visit with everyone at the shower. Here are some of the Seattle shower highlights:
The first course of pastries

Cutest project for guests to do...write a word to go with the alphabet letter & make it personal! Can't wait to hang these in the nursery and then make a book out of them later!

Susan and my cousin, Diane, with the cutest photo wall of Phil & Ali baby pics!

The spectacular second course

Super yummy crepes

Cassie did a cute and thoughtful baby food demo on how easy it is to make it yourself

the proof

So happy that Phil's Aunts could both join us and that they made the trek from Oregon and Idaho!

Love these ladies! Shane, Ella, and Skyler

So thankful for the hard work Susan and Cassie put into the day

Cricket, Lisa, Jody, and I

Susan gave us Phil's old baby blanket and bear. So special!

Thanks for making such great friends in college, Anna! Krista, me, Anna, and Jenni.

Can you believe my mom made these cute little car seat toys!?

My mom also surprised me by making a car seat cover, and burp cloths, and a cute fabric container.

Anna made her yummy chocolate pops. My favorite!
 Even those who couldn't make it to the shower sent in some pretty awesome gifts!
Coming from a mom of a 2 year old, my friend Meghan gifted cute handmade burp cloths, a puzzle, and cleaning stuff!

I was so excited to get these handmade bay area sports gifts (a 49ers blanket & a Giants wet bag) from my cousin, Lynette!

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