Saturday, July 14, 2012

Micah's First Photoshoot

Phil & I never did any engagement photo session, so we decided to make up for it with a maternity session. It felt kind of funny having a photographer lead us around/follow us around for a few hours one evening last week, but it was also kind of awesome. We heard of Kerry through our friends, Krista & Peter, and she was a very cool person who mostly photographs young kids, so she was excited to be able to do an evening session that was past most of her clients bedtimes. We headed down to Lincoln Park and tried to catch the sunset, but were a bit too early. Still, she got some awesome shots and provided us with a great sneak peak that you can find here:
Kerry was super sweet to say the following about us: "It was an amazingly beautiful evening, but this couple outshone anything in the sky.  They are so in love and obviously excited to welcome their baby boy in September.  Just don’t ask them to agree on a football team to root for — hopefully the baby won’t have to choose sides.  ;-)" I'm sure we will be purchasing more photos from the session and will share with you as soon as we can!

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