Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life of late

I am so full of love and joy in my heart right now. I am bursting with gratitude. It is amazing that Phil and I (and Micah) have so many loving, caring, and generous family members and friends in our lives.
A bit old now...I am already at 29 weeks now!
Last week was my first week of summer. The week before was hectic and full of wonderful times like Kindergarten Graduation. I'm going to miss this group of kiddos! They are all reading too!
Got to hang out with my cute little cousins (Emma seen here) at the Pacific Science Center when they visited

Here is the little one, Jessica, with her friend
My cousins Doug and Sarah with wishful thinking rally caps at the Giants/Mariners game.
Phil and I got to celebrate our friend Jaime's birthday in the best way ever...a Giants game!
I flew home for almost a week to spend time with family and friends. I'm so lucky that my cousin Debbie flew in from Chicago just for a short weekend!

It will be fun having kids around the same age...I idolized my cousin Elizabeth as a kid and now I'm learning so much from her!

Isn't Lulu just the cutest!?

And here is my cousin Amy's daughter playing in the pond fountain. Adorable!

Thomas kept asking me if he could have another cookie. Pretty funny kiddo!
My Aunts gave me a fabulous baby shower. Every little detail was so thought out and adorable! Look at these center pieces made out of little washclothes, socks, hats, shoes, and puppets that Micah will actually get to use!

Some people had already heard our name reveal and others hadn't, which was fun. I can't believe Aunt Leslie made this cute onesie from the photo I sent on e-mail just a week or so earlier! For those who don't know, Howard was my Papa's first name and I was super close to him and think the world of him. Micah will hopefully inheret many of the same wonderful qualitities that I learned from Papa.

Yummy mini bunt cakes so cutely displayed.

Each table had little hand stiched onesies and shirts or bibs as part of the centerpiece. So cute, yet practical!

Debbie and Aunt Ginny contributed another adorable decoration...a clothesline full of outfits for Micah.

Such lovely inspiring women from my family

More amazing women from my family and my friend Ryann from pre-school!

More inspiring ladies from good ol' San Carlos and my family

Lovely long time friends

Such fun gifts for Micah...boy is he going to be spoiled.

My dad will have to fight Phil for Micah's outfits...Broncos or 9ers!

My mom is so crafty and amazing!

Micah's Great Great Great Aunt Shirley at 97 years old hand made him the cutest outfit!

So thankful for everyone that gave him little Giants outfits!

Gramma found and gave Micah the baby blanket that she used with my dad in his baby buggy. So sweet!

Me and my Sister-in-laws!

So nice of my brother and Beth to fly out from Denver.

Thank you sooo much to Micah's Great-Aunties! Wasn't it an amazing shower!? I think so! I am so greatful!

Work on the house is going, but slow. Phil is still working on that tile in the master bathroom. He has also begun to re-build our next door neighbors fence that we tore down.

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