Monday, June 4, 2012

A Kid Friendly Kitchen

Thursday was a big day in remodel-land. Phil stayed home so that the countertop guys could come and install our beautiful silestone dark grey quartz countertops. Phil also worked more on putting backerboard in the master bathroom, plumbing the faucets onto both sinks, rehooking up the dishwasher, and fixing up more of the cabinets. He was working on the house since about 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night! I had Kindergarten Round Up for incoming families at school Thursday night, so I didn't get home until almost 9pm to see it. Wow is it worth the wait! Definitely a kitchen that was worth so many microwavable meals, doing dishes in the tiny bathroom sink and the tub occasionally, and having a pantry in plain sight in the living room.

Phil took a much deserved break and went on a guys golfing trip up near the Canada border all weekend and so I got to stay home and "play house". I spent Friday evening and most of Saturday unpacking boxes that have been in the garage since September and finding homes for every item. I had two boxes full of give away items (like all of our mismatched coffee cups and those martini glasses that have traveled with us all the way from San Diego, yet have never been used) and some food items to donate. We still have a few cupboards and drawers that are empty, which is amazing. There are also still a few items that just don't want to fit where I put them and I'm sure we will find another kitchen box or two in the garage that we don't know are missing yet (I already know the cookbooks are out there somewhere!). I am so pleased with our resulting kitchen. Phil can't get away from it. He is practically hugging the countertops any chance he gets. Who knew I would be so excited to do cooking and dishes again!

Phil hugging the counters

Our bar area

The one Ikea purchase...the farmers sink

view of the island from the stove side..still need one more handle

Our temporary pantry

our temporary pantry part 2
Love that Lavender and Rosemary!

view from the breakfast nook

Haha! Our first official dinner in the new kitchen together...Kraft Mac N Cheese! This is going to be a kid friendly kitchen!

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  1. Amazing! I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the remodel soon! We should do something fun to break in the kitchen, like a cookie party or some type of stations idea of some sort! Something to have fun in all that space!


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